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  • pctn25x pctn25x Feb 20, 2014 1:36 PM Flag

    ObamaCare: No Pre-existing Conditions?... then DON'T buy ObamaCare!


    If you have significant, pre-existing conditions, then by all means, nail the Federal Goverment for the cost of dealing with them, and sign up for Obamacare. Obamacare is, after all, wildly out of control financial and there's NO reason why you should get your own share of the loot going into the insurance company bailouts that are fast approaching.

    But... if you DON'T have significant, pre-existing condtions, and you AREN'T eligible for the ObamaCare subsidies that all of his supporters are lining up for, then DON'T BUY OBAMACARE!!!

    Instead, buy "temporary health insurance" for a small fraction of the cost of Obamacare.

    A good website for that is "HII", or "Health Insurance Innovations". Google it.

    Basically, you can sign up for a year of coverage that is JUST AS GOOD as any obamacare package for just a fraction of the cost. The only difference?... pre-existing conditions are not covered.

    If something NEW comes up while your on the temporary insurance, it's covered, but when the policy expires next november, you will THEN need to sign up for Obamacare if your new illness is serious, because if you just roll over your temporary insurance into a new, 1 year policy, that new illness will become a pre-existing condition on the new policy, and it won't be covered.

    Of course, this is a GREAT idea, but in the end, all those Obamacare subsidies and piling-on by people with pre-existing conditions are rapidly making Obamacare into a Socialist TRAIN WRECK...

    ... but there's no reason why we shouldn't exploit it for all it's worth until it all comes crashing down, right?

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    • yes,lets make the money.

    • get lost, this is a stock board.

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Feb 23, 2014 1:56 PM Flag

      more proof that the rule of law means nothing to people who hate the black president

    • Please relate your comment to AGNC. Are your remarks seem totally irrellevant or am I missing something? You are certainly missing the point of insurance. Before Obama care if a person were to develop a serious chronic disease, they were virtually in a situation of involuntary servitude with relation to their jobs. As a person of conservative leanings, I feel this whole affordable care act was terribly executed full of strange provisions and dumb political deals, however, it has its good points.

    • The problem moron is that people who appear to be healthy can get very sick or have accidents. That's why there is a thing called insurance. Understand now??

    • pctn you seem to ignore the truth we are talking life and death of human beings all you look at is money so that tells me a lot about you. But even if you want to look at money only the again look at some facts instead of lies. Fact is that those who will get ACA help (from the gov) and pay some of it themselves pre existing conditions or not before ACA they were on medicade or free treatment at ER then into hospital until they died or released only to come back to ER back into the hospital and the cycle continued. Do you see any savings in that system???? If you like money counting only then COUNT THE MONEY. ER and Free treatment over and over again cost the Gov nothing unless they are medicade if so then your tax dollars are taken to pay for their treatment. Not one cents comes from them or insurance unlike ACA. Granted under ACA it may not be much of their money but if you want to count MONEY any little bit bets zero does it not???

      Now for folks with preexisting condition and who have money they pay for their own insurance not the Gov. Over 4 million American (human beings) are in that class. Will your insurance be higher because of them under ACA? Maybe depends on how big the insurance pool ends up being.

      Now how about those who use ER and hospital and are not on Medicade and no Gov money going to hospital guess who pays for that?? You do. higher hospital bills to cover the free treatment, higher medicare cost (tax dollars) to cover the free treatment and higher insurance cost to YOU because of free rides and higher hospital bills. There is no free ride buddy boy.

      But for those of us who still value human life unlike anything coming out of the GOP who only look at money.
      I choose to maybe pay more if I have to in order to help my neighbor out. That is what the good book says to do and I trust that book to be looking out for me in the LT.

    • The Republicans proposed to replace the individual mandate with a requirement that insurance companies had to cover someone's preexisting conditions if they had insurance for at least 18 months and initially this requirement would be over looked until everyone had a chance to get insurance. So you could legally decide not to get insurance but you would be crazy to do that because if you got cancer you would be paying out of pocket for 18 months.

      From what I understand, for the low cost of $2k a year you can bypass Obamacare and live without insurance and then if you get cancer no problem. You simply sign up for the best insurance out there which they have to offer you and then get the best treatments available. There is nothing to stop people from doing this.

      My guess is that the insurance companies saw this coming but there wasn't a lot they could do about it because they were not writing the laws and apparently the people who were writing them were not taking the insurance company's concerns seriously. But this is not uncommon with the Democratic Party because they take the attitude that greedy insurance companies will say anything to make more profits and so you have to take anything they say with a grain of salt. Just listen to them talk. You can't learn from other people's experiences if you think that everyone is telling you lies. I'm pretty sure that the insurance companies must have thought and said that $2k was not enough to prevent this kind of fraud.

      Had they been more willing to involve the Republicans on this issue a more logical way of motivating people would have been proposed and none of this would be happening. But they wanted to do it on their own. What we have now is the best law that the Democrats understood how to draft in isolation. I'm sure they did the very best job they could. It is a matter of quality.

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      • Europe has similar requirements. My daughter is going back to college in Prague for her master’s degree and I had to give her proof that she was insured for the 6 months that she was here in the US or they would not have allowed her to buy insurance right away. She would have had to wait. Anyone with basic common sense can see that you need something like this to keep people from trying to figure out ways to cheat the system and that is exactly what they are doing with Obamacare.

        However my maid is doing great with Obamacare. She already had insurance so obviously she was already getting along without the subsidy however now her $300 a month payment declined to $75 a month for something she had already figured out how to fit into her budget. She was already living without the subsidy. Her child is also getting $25k a year to go to college. She was told that she would have to pay for all the extra expenses out of her own pocket as if they were expecting for it to cost more however it cost me $22k for my sons last year of college which was about one year ago. Assuming that she can live on the same amount then she will be pocketing $3k. She is going to a school with lower tuition so I suspect that she will pocket even more. Or maybe she will get a nicer apartment or not have to share one with roommates.

        The mistake that I made is that I did not change my name to Gonzales. Had I known what the new world paradigm would be I would have done this as soon as I graduated from college. But it is too late now. But if you are younger I would highly recommend a name change so you can tap into this flood of money that is being spread around for the right kind of people. These people never see you in person so you can claim to be of any ethnicity you want. I work with a lot of Hispanic people who don't look any different than me. Seriously, you can easily get away with this.

    • jackbogowith Feb 20, 2014 1:59 PM Flag

      Asinine comment for the stock messages.... hope you have a pre-existing condition .....if not, now, in the near future

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