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  • jjpoint007 jjpoint007 Jun 17, 2014 4:22 PM Flag

    Trading vs. Holding

    Traders? AGNC is not your stock

    Dividend holding smart people: It is.

    Short time trading? LOL....for people that want to lose money.

    Long time holders? I'm long @ 25 and deep NET into the money on AGNC. The daily/weekly/monthly swings do not effect me. Play your games. I'll stay on the plan.

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    • Trading is the way to go, the markets are in a Megaphone high cycle, indicating the risk of an extreme correction a lot higher than normal could happen at anytime, the probability is very high. No one know when, but we are a the top of a sand mountain and any new sand dumped on the top could cause the collapse. Keep you trade exposures very short and limited duration trades and capture profits quickly. I bought some TBT at 60-61 and took profits at 63 +. Interest rates are too low for technical reasons but they trade on news and the improving labor market, rising inflation bodes well for higher rates and lower stock prices. Set up trading strategies to capture trading gains. Buying or holding at this prices is a sure path to capital losses. It has nothing to do with fundamentals when the markets are this stretched on the high side.

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      • correction? the correction was companies bouncing back from the collapse that never should have been discounted in the first place. just buy and hold solid companies nothing i own is over book value except 1 bank and coke they'll bounce back from any panic selling that may not happen for a decade or longer. If I knew when the collapse was coming sure id sit and wait and then go buy coke when its paying a dbl digit dividend again like it was 08 for a minute but nothing is out of control in the market or the economy that's going to collapse and cause panic. some might say when china implodes and it will building empty cities is nonsense it wont have that big an effect here it wont cause panic here because markets and economies collapsed all the time in the 90's and oughtes and no one here gave flying sheet. fortunes for some will be lost but no panic here no sell off no collapse the opposite is much more likely more money flooding the only truly trustworthy economy and market in the world all backed up by the greatest workers in the world the American. Let me here it USA USA USA.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Without a core of stock holders to provide stability trading is more risky. In the old days when MREIT was stable, trading was shooting fish in a barrel .

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