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  • glindagoode33 glindagoode33 Jul 1, 2014 11:14 PM Flag

    thee flame sent this: GM IS A SHORT.


    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Flame, I beg to disagree. I was not looking for a car, but GM recalled my Impala (6 years old) so I took it in and had them check it out. While in service, I enjoyed the coffee, tea and softdrink bar, the free computer usage and internet and the free wifi. While there, I looked at the new Impala's 2014's, Oh My God, the prices were $32,000 - $39,000, I test drove a demo and took it home as a loaner while the warranty work done. Then they gave me the price on the demo, which had 5,350 miles on it, and had the old price sticker of $30,800, Impala LT, loaded with everything. I got the car for $22,800 cash price after all the discounts, rebates, gmcard cash, etc. I BOUGHT A CAR AND I HAD NO INTENTION TO DO SO. I could not believe the discount they gave me and then the cash for my used car, was $11,300, which I sold to them after I bought the car. They put it on the lot with $13,999 tag on it, AS IS NO WARRANTY, only 24,854 miles and in perfect condition, black leather 2LT, silver metallic. I paid $22,800 - 11,300 = $11,500 for a new 2014 never titled Chevy Impala LT. Blue book wholesale is $27,454 for the 2014. I can use this for two years and trade in with no loss.

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      • HEY DR. KLUMPS......I passed on your message. As The Flame is out on the boat getting everything ready in the Harbor for the fireworks out on the ocean. This is the temporary short reply......
        Hey there, I like your analysis. Sounds like you made out. I've long been a fan of many chevys....buick..
        monte carlo.. I had a 63 vette, a 57 wagon, a malibu SS, and so forth....HOWEVER...With all the concessions you mention, all the recalls, and GM's history, I see them having a tough time on the bottom line. Lots of competition...and those recalls will HURT BIG TIME. I almost hope to be wrong... but I'm thinking long term 12-18 months...and look forward to chatting as time goes... we shall see. Regards...BB soon.....HAPPY 4TH.
        GO USA !!!!!

    • "She sells sea shells down by the seashore"

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      • I had the same first impression. But when they got hit with the ignition switch thing, they decided to use it to drive traffic to the showroom and to make a marketing pitch to 2,3 4,5,6 year holders of GM vehicle to trade for a modern 2014, lots and lots of people took them up on the deals, there was on 2 Chevy Impalas on the lot on June 3, from May 3, out of 33 new ones at May 3. They sold everything out, when I went back on June 16, they had one Chevy Impala 2014 left. This was a market play that was almost like the battle of midway during world war II.. They cleaned up on sales and got rid of the 2014's pretty early. BIG PLUS here, I think GM is a buy.

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