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  • raybans2 raybans2 Jul 3, 2014 4:19 PM Flag

    Recent poll chooses Obama as the worse president since WWII

    Bush came in second place. And I agree that he was a bad president as well.

    The pole also indicated that in hind sight that it would have been better had Romney won in 2012.

    These are random poles, not Fox news.

    I'm glad they stopped at WWII so that FDR would hot have been chosen.

    I think people are finally starting to getting it that he is basically a seat warmer. And when he does do something he makes things worse, not better.

    I'm sure that his recent actions that have opened the flood gates of illegal immigrants into the US didn't gain him a whole lot of favor among those whose jobs these new comers will be displacing. It does not take a whole of intelligence to have predicted that this would have been the outcome. I mean, you basically say that you are not going to send people home anymore and what would you have expected them to do? It is a good thing he didn't include everyone or half of the population south of the border would have been at the border with pick axes to tear down the fences. What a moron. They need to figure out a legal way to put a stop to this guy for the remainder of his term before he causes any more damage.

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