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  • istudyfish istudyfish Jan 6, 2014 4:20 PM Flag

    Gee, what a surprise, it was at $1.39 until the bell rang, then it "magically" jumped up to close at $1.40. Let's see,

    $1.50 on Friday, 1.40 today, $1.30 tomorrow, and so on....for the time being. Without news, this is going to continue to melt downward, IMHO. Don't fight the tape! It is what it is, no matter what you think about it. I could be wrong, of course, but I doubt it. I hope you bought some ARIA, today. It sold off to fill its gap on relatively low volume and should be heading steadily upward from tomorrow through its presentation on the 14th at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. GLTA BGMD longs, and have a nice evening!

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    • I'll make sure to leave a message for my buddy Elon Musk, would like to see the markets reaction to a couple $billy hitting the ask. underground stock alerts is a site I would recommend, google them. It's free and open source, made $90k last year on their picks, started in Oct of last year

    • One thing that I have learned is that people are not looking for long term stocks anymore. Short interest seems to be the way to go. I originally bought BGMD at 1.16. I was hoping that I was going to see $2 by the EOD on Friday and as it began dropping I sold and made a profit. I waited until yesterday and it began sinking so I sold my other shares too. This stock seems to increase when its being pumped and once all the profit taking is done, it sinks to a new low but still above $1 which is good for the longs. The reason for selling is that I am still holding on to shares of FREE waiting for that to increase above my price since I need $4 just to break even. Need to make money somewhere and apparently making some profit at the end of the day is better than no profit. If this goes back to $1, you can count me in possibly for a long run and if not, a short run will suffice. Have a great day!

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      • I've learned the hard way to abhor buy-and-hold investing, for the reasons you stated. I can make MUCH more by swing-trading the short-term trends. I couldn't care less that the IRS gets a higher proportion of my short-term capital gains, because I'm making ten times as much with this strategy than I EVER made using the buy-and-hold strategy. Unfortunately, that's the reality of today's market.

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    • dumbabubba Jan 6, 2014 4:49 PM Flag

      ARIA is POS...period
      Their revenue for will not be even 500K for that drug
      sty away, already a billion market will see 2 before 8 if ever !

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      • First of all, I was correct about BGMD, AGAIN! So, those of you who continued to criticize me based on nothing more than your opinions, can go cry in your soup, again, today! Re. ARIA, you are VERY wrong "dumb#$%$! Today is its last consolidation day before it takes off. Buy it today, or kick yourself for the next week! Its trading range has been getting narrower over the last three days, and today is the end of that trend. Today's MACD will signal that it's time to BUY ARIA.

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    • swilla10 Jan 6, 2014 4:37 PM Flag

      well i thought i'd try to re-post my answer to you here, since my response from before seems to be buried. You said that i really know how to pick 'em. Well, on Friday AH i narrowed down to SEED, CERE, CBMX and BGMD. i guess i don't know how to ULTIMATELY pick them, since i picked the only one - bgmd - that went down, and of course the other three increased. BIG BUMMER! I think you already read my reasoning for choosing bgmd. i was going to focus on SEED and CERE today (due to their ER's coming out this week), after selling BGMD! SO, I BLEW IT. BTW, I need to review your strategy a bit better, which you wrote to df2830 and figure out this Fibonacci retrace situation. Also, still need to figure how you knew end of day volumes on Fri over $1.38 were due to the big boys selling, even though the price was going up (vs. price going up that morning on hi volumes. - i'm not sure how to tell the difference.) Again, I thought those EOD volumes and price increase meant the run up would continue this a.m.

      Also, i'm unhappy that I can't seem to find a way to identify %gainers under $2 in the premarket - and really missed a HUGE OPP in this a.m's pre-mrkt by missing out on VRS. Any recommendations for websites showing extended hours % gainers for stx under $2??? I'm sick of missing out on these tremendous opportunities, which happen right under my nose but i can't see them pre-mrkt! Actually, this is exactly what happened to me with BGMD a few weeks ago (at least) when it was under a dollar and climbing in the pre-mrkt - and I was mad I missed it that day! Hope you got into VRS today! If you have time, i'd love to hear your regards...swilla10 (sue)

    • Your post is irrelevant and lacks substance. Move on

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      • Still think my post is "irrelevant" and lacks "substance"...LOL! YOU'RE the one who needs to "move on". I was just trying to keep people from getting sucked into thinking that this recent run had any chance of holding without a significant retrace, barring unexpected news, of course. In other words, I wasn't bashing, I was honestly trying to HELP people, here!! I've seen these situations many times, before, and I HATE to see other people get "hurt" like I used to. My intentions here are honorable. I think BGMD has great potential, but not at at these prices at this moment.

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      • swilla10 Jan 6, 2014 6:36 PM Flag

        fishman was the only one right this weekend about predicting what this stock would do today....his info is exponentially more sub

    • 1. you are OFF TOPIC pumping ARIAD in BGMD board
      2. yes, on BGMD decline , as you said, you could be wrong
      3. $1,40 is a support

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      • Another BRILLIANT poster who declared that I was wrong, and that support was at $1.40. Well, who's the one who was wrong. You now have the pleasure of watching BGMD continue to bleed steadiIy downward, until it gets back under $1.10, eventually, barring news, of course. I chose to go "OFF TOPIC" because I was trying to point BGMD investors to a MUCH better near-term biotech opportunity that they might like to be aware of. This is how I found out about most of the biotech companies that I've invested in. ARIA is a STEAL at today's prices. And, it's the LAST consolidation day for it. So, grab some today, and you'll be a VERY happy camper by this time, tomorrow!

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      • jalexander55 Jan 6, 2014 4:38 PM Flag

        CXM...I agree, I was beginning to give Fishman some credibility, but that just flew out of the window.
        BGMD is beginning to behave very well for longs, slow and steady recovery today bodes well IMO.

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    • that's only a penny difference. What's your point?

    • did you consider buying PPHM?

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