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  • naga00 naga00 May 12, 2011 12:37 PM Flag

    hard to believe that people are selling for cash value

    - great example why most idiot investor types never make money in the market and blame everyone but themselves-
    have you idiots read the press release yesterday - release of year-end numbers? 470 million with 1.02 net income/sh and total book of 16 dollars and total cash of 5.69- you idiots are selling the stock at 5.67 today! Are you that stupid- most likely an Obama supporter!

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    • Although 2010 was a wonderful year how exposed are these guys to what may (or may not) be an historical bubble in Chinese residential and particularly commercial property development.

      In the U.S., suppliers of residential construction components swung from big earnings in 2003-06 to big losses.

      Just wondering. Don't have a position either way, but between that risk, the Taiwan company factor and the lack of trading volume could keep investors away for awhile.

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      • the company produces wire for the power and telco industries! The US and european countries are within a stagflation state while asia remains very strong state of growth and recovery. the growth of apwc is rapid and i anticipate the same % of growth in the 1st q to be released within a few weeks. Trading volume is low, but when they want it - it will make your head spin because then it will be to late. The extreme disconnect and extremely discounted value will place a downside risk of a maybe 10%- the company has around 5.50 in total cash and a book value of 11 or true book of 16 dollars with 1.02 in earning yielding a trailing 12 pe of slightly under 6X trailing. MR. B Graham- the father of fundamental investing would be all over this stock with the current fundamental variables. The sales grew by 30% over 2009 and with a pe of 6 you get a PEG value of .16-- a value of 1 is cheap- do the math- you can worry about the volume or anything else you can dream up, but the reality it is a very cheap stock and one of these days it will move large! Many are afraid because of of china's book keeping, but apwc is a taiwan based company with ernst and Young- the auditor- a top 5 in the world!Any stock investment always yields a degree of risk, in my opinion this stock is a homerun sooner than later, but only for a patient investor that is a true discounted value investor! I currently hold 35K shares at different price and even bought more when the 2010 year-end number were released. Cheapest stock in the world! Show me something as equally as cheap and i will buy it!This no pump and dump, but a game changer! I would assume because of NASDAQ listing it is only a matter of time before and fund or etf or an index starts to nibble. During july 2011 the company will present a major "dog and pony" in San Fransicko which attracts 1000's of hedge funds managers and i recall the problem last years was they were not nasdaq and many could not play, but this year is different and i still believe that it is worth 10-15 dollars .

    • naga,

      You seem to be the knowledgeable person concerning apwc. Ameritrade said that "The Risk Analytics department has made a business decision to make Asia Pacific Wire & Cable (APWC) have a 100% maintenance requirement. There is no other information provided for the reason for this decision." Would you know of any reason Ameritrade considers apwc unmarginable?


    • Until this company gets a little Wall Street analyst coverage it isn't going anywhere. I bought a little because it is one of the cheapest stocks around, with good growth. But 10-11k shares of trading a day, with a ridiculous spread between the bid/ask price, is going to keep most away.
      The mgt needs to get to the US and get the story out. Without that the stock is probably going to stay undervalued.

    • Would not buy a stock a right wing nazi like you pumps over and over.

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