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  • linda_o71 linda_o71 May 27, 2011 10:21 AM Flag

    a complex company with no dividend history

    The corporate structure is so complex that cash flow between subsidaries and the parent compnay may be restricted. If that is the case, it would be difficult for the parent issuer to obtain funds to pay dividends.

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    • You said it best.
      I was basically going to post the same thing.
      The volume over the last 5 days was:
      So the heaviest trading day in cash value was 21,300 x $4.37(approx)=$94K
      So when you think how little cash can move a thinly traded stock, you have to sit back and not worry about every little move. That is for a large cap stock where pennies traded could mean millions, or define a trend.
      These obscure stocks like APWC are always highly volatile. You have to make a decision on whether or not to invest, and then change your position based on hard facts, not by watching the daily stock swings.
      I see no evidence from any news stories or posts that anything has changed with APWC, so don't expect it to be a quick payoff like going to Las Vegas. This is a long term play.
      This could just as well have been due to some day traders dumping their positions after the NASDAQ news, and moving on to other things. Or just reducing their overall portfolios for the summer vacation. This seems to happen with a lot of stocks right as we head into the summer every year.

    • Company involvement would definitely help. Value is relative only to how much the market is willing to pay. So, I hope they notice our 'undervaluedness' soon.
      I really get the feeling the market is wanting to correct. Don't want to be at $4 when that happens.
      Could be wrong, hope I am.

    • This has become a classic Ben Graham value stock. The 51% stake in the publicly traded Thailand subsidiary is worth more than APWC in total. And that subsidiary only contributes about 1/3 of the revenue.

      There is no volume, the price going down has been caused by a couple of guys selling a few shares. The company needs to bring more visibility to the stock. Alternatively, they should start buying backs hares.

    • naga00

      you have a good feel and understanding with this company.

      what are the issues here keeping it down in share price?

      what does the company have to do to get the story out?

      when will the next set of financials be released?

    • Yeah this is getting ridiculous. Value means not much anymore. Thought Nasdaq would increase interest, it has, but the wrong kind.
      I really hope we don't get a market correction- who knows what this would trade down to then.
      Maybe people don't understand stock value?

    • if you bothered to listen to the conference call and review the income and balance sheet i do not think that you opinion would be the one that present! It is only complicated because you have not bothered to read about the company- i assume that you will not read the date- so from the call their have been discussions about issuing a dividend. again first q should be out within a few weeks and growth and earning picture will remain the same- onward and upward

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