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  • naga00 naga00 Jun 14, 2011 9:56 AM Flag

    cry babies and stupid investors-another great earning release today

    - you know if you are going to be cry babies sell the stock because you do not understand fundamantals of investing in stocks! Is apwc a bad stock - how stupid- rev for the first q just released today 121 million vs 104 million
    gross profits 13 million vs 11.4 million
    income/sh .20 vs .27 drop due to high tax of 1 million and high g & a
    total cash/sh $6.62!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    total book $16.60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ernst and young is the auditor and been in business for 40 years!

    most of you idiots have zero clue what cheap is

    the market in this case is ineffecient
    selling for around 1/2 cash
    25% of book
    trail pe is still around 4
    huge growth- only reason earning not up this quarter is inflation is creepy everywhere and tax
    again, all you cry babies, idiots, bashers, neophytes- sell your stock and go buy some "crap" because most of you have little clue about what this company is worth and where it is headed -We will have over 500 million in sale for 2011!

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    • Also, it was nice of them to mention that this is a 40 year old company that is audited by Ernst and Young. It is a Taiwanese company. Taiwan is more like the modernized Asian economies of Japan or Singapore, not like the emerging China, which is very wild because regulators cannot keep up with all the stuff that is happening. This is not a Chinese RTO!

    • Settle down, naga. No time to come unglued. It is because of stupid,impatient investors that we are allowed to make money in the market. If it were efficient we would be getting some poor returns. I wonder all the time what people are thinking when they sell stocks like apwc, aljj or qepc at low valuations. Impatience is probably the answer most of the time. People don't want to "invest" and wait. They would rather shake the dice and "speculate". I imagine a lot of people think they are investors when, in fact, they are gamblers. And they wonder why they lose money. Nothing against speculating, I do some myself. But most of my money is in the stocks that have low p/e,p/s and high bv. Can make some good money doing that. Let the people sell so I can get some more down here. No biggie in the long run. Looking forward to next sa advisory update. Take care all.


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