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  • naga00 naga00 May 2, 2012 12:02 AM Flag

    the cry babies continue to cry

    8.8 million in goodwill has been on the books for years and we have finally gotten rid of the .63 and then the flood~ of course the company planned that- shame on you!
    I was hoping that more moron would sell the stock down to a $1.00-
    book value around $15.00- sure looks like a scam with a top three auditor!
    If you take into account the total equity with minority interest the book is even higher! They just reported an $87 million contract- of course that does not matter either! Please sell you stock and go buy your facebook shares!
    If the flood did not happen or apwc had not taken the goodwill non-cash hit- the company would have shown a profit!
    Again, please sell you stock - if you don't like facebook then buy aapl

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    • good info.
      - is the flood issue over? and do we know when the plant will be back on line?
      - is the goodwill charge done?

      seems like if this is true, then there is a likely rebound with these problems behind them...

    • Fact-bought the stock about 1 year ago...go check your posts over $6. Avg down to a cost of over $5. Year later $3 and change. Not blaming you, my fault, but a BAD investment.

      This is a VALUE TRAP, plain and simple. There is no interest and if any does develop there is no liquidity to do anything about it anyway. Sponsorship to get the shares going is going to be limited to you, imo.

      This is a cheap stock. I am not selling. But it is likely to remain cheap until the controlling shareholder buys us out at way below what any of us think is fair.

      The market knows about the goodwill and flood. Old news. The stock is three bucks for reasons other than that.

      FYI I bought AAPL in 2009 at $161.50. Sold it too soon but a great investment anyway. I don't use facebook and I definitely won't be buying it.

      I know what I am doing. I can read financial statements. This stock is cheap. But I also know a little bit about the stock mkt. Down is down, this has been a terrible investment. So forgive the rant. It is warranted.

      I will wait to see if we get fair value, sometime. But I doubt it.

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