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  • blake70126 blake70126 May 3, 2012 5:33 PM Flag

    Naga is a cheerleader

    He was MIA for a year while it went from 6 to 2.. Then when earnings came out he was silent because he knows they stunk. The stock opened down 30 percent and he was absent! Then it closes unchanged and he waves his Pom poms on this message board...

    He sounded like a 3 year old last year pumping the stock and kissing up to the board during the conference call. They Said 5 times that they weren't issuing a dividend but he kept messaging for a month after that they should!

    Bottom line Naga...this stock is China based with offices in Bermuda! Ask any seasoned investor or any executive at a major firm and they will say that is a big red flag and that this stock is a scam..

    Keep waving your Pom poms since that is all you can do pbecause if you sell 100 shares the stock will drop 50%!

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    • Hey Ace..
      Ok so APWC has been around since 1996...
      Yeah ? So?
      Bernie Madoff was around for more than 20 years too..
      Was he a scam????
      Refresh my memory...

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      • Was Madoff audited by Ernst & Young? No.

        Did Madoff ever report a yearly loss? No.

        Did Madoff run a NASDAQ-listed public company? No.

        Did Madoff own a bunch of manufacturing subsidiaries and employ over 1000 workers? No.

        Does APWC execute "trades" for its shareholders? No.

        Is Blake grasping at straws and comparing apples to oranges? Yes.

        If Blake thinks APWC is a scam is there any good reason for him to stick around telling us so day after day other than the pure altruistic motives of his heart of gold? No.

    • Blake, o for 2, but thanks for playing.
      "Asia Pacific Wire & Cable Corporation Limited was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan"

      Just for clarification, Taiwan is a different country than China. Also, where did Bermuda come from? How close to Taiwan is it?


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      • Jeez Blake, tough choice here. Listen to your rambling and disinformation or stick with Naga who has proven his recommendations and stock knowledge with DD many times successfully. He has made me some big bucks and I am most appreciative....others too. What have you done for any of us? I feel that quizzical, questionable look form on my face knowing there will be no rational just disappear from here and go harass another list till they call you an idiot. You may get the drift then....hope so

    • You're funny Blake. While this stock has been a dog, everyone knew earnings would be bad due to flooding in Thailand.

      Company selling non-core Chinese assets is good news. Priced like a RTO Chi-fraud but really a nice play on Asia Pacific growth.

      Give it some time.

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