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  • blake70126 blake70126 May 10, 2012 10:22 PM Flag

    Flood in North Korea

    You would think now that the flood is over in North Korea that management would have mentioned in their annual report hat a backlog was the result due to time down and orders coming in not being filled. Now that the factory is up and going again.
    Umm. Is it? Maybe we should ask MZ? Maybe the company will announce its progress?
    Nah.. They will just announce a b s order that amounts to 10% of yearly sales but call it double that amount hiding that it is an over 2 years contract.
    Wonder how that 87 mil order is going.. Wonder if it's even true.. Wonder if management will make excuses next quarter.. Don't you all realize that order is soo small? It represents 10% of yearly sales. Does the gap announce when they sell 3 pairs of pants? That's what did!
    Btw.. Isn't it almost June?? Why no quarterly reports? Aren't we half way thru 2012? Most companies report quarterly last I checked.
    No one of intelligence would buy this pipe dream. Who on earth would own a company based out of North Korea with a condo in Bermuda so they can avoid paying taxes?
    Delisted before the year is over?
    Ten years of trading at one quarter cash and 70% under book value.
    But it will soon be properly valued right... sure something will change from the last ten years all of a sudden..

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    • Where to even begin with your ignorance?

      The company has nothing to do with North Korea, nor was there any flooding there (nor is the company owned by the ghost of Kim Jong Il, which I suppose will be your next post). The company is Taiwanese, with subsidiaries operating in Thailand (the flood zone you amazingly confused with N. Korea), China, Singapore, and Australia.

      A foreign company on the NASDAQ only has to submit yearly reports, not quarterly reports. Maybe you should check more carefully next time.

      The stock traded up to $7 just last year, so clearly it has not gone through 10 years of sitting at the same price. Obviously you did not take advantage of the trading opportunity since you were not even aware of it.


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