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  • kcam57 kcam57 Aug 29, 2007 9:00 AM Flag

    Green Journal

    Just received my print copy of the Sept. Green Journal- NOTHING!!!

    This is really aggravating. Unless we see something in this week's NEJM, we are looking at September. Pathetic.

    I'm not sure I buy into this whole "publication embargo" thing. I'm worried that either some huge study (Kaiser) is coming out that contradicts all of the existing evidence about DWPing (doubtful), or that these bozos are being aggressively lobbied behind these scenes by companies that have a vested interest in watering down the guidelines. The financial impact on certain companies will be devasting if all WOTS go to 3 year intervals.

    Its beginning to look like these "consensus" guidelines aren't really a consensus. Maybe a few key ASCCP bigshots with industry ties pulling the strings behind the scenes.

    F'in losers.

    OK, now I feel better...

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    • as cynical as i am about docs it would be a scandal of major proportions if industry were able to influence guidelines in that way...they should/would lose their jobs

      it won't go to 3 years anyway unless and until ins. co's figure a way to clamp down, and it's already on average 18-24 months anyway

      the kaiser data was previewed at a conference in Vancouver a couple of years back and it was quite good so no worries there imho....

      september is better in any case...major news in the leadup to labor day would fall on deaf ears

      still can't get over how stunningly mind numbingly boring this stock is...miss the juice

    • that is why no other bidders for talks (keep the annual pap, even though flawed, as it is a money machine hell with the people who get cancer)

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