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  • incas58 incas58 Sep 30, 2007 12:34 PM Flag

    Guidelines are out

    on the ajog home page...not trying to be a tease but i have to run out since i'm very late going somewhere...haven't read 'em yet but thought i'd alert the board

    not up on asccp board yet and restricted access on ajog but hope to get access later today

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    • Despite the guidelines, there seems to be a growing awareness among women of the HPV cancer link. My wife and her friends have talked about having our teenage girls get the vaccine (Merck?) (she brought it up to me unprompted).

      The watered down guidelines just gives us the opportunity to steadily acquire QGEN shares until the day the bigger story breaks on 60 Minutes and/or Good Morning America.

    • This is the most unknown sure thing in medicine I have ever seen.
      Would think QGEN would find a way to spin the 'guidelines' into some sort of press release by now. Perhaps they don't know how to deal with the non-event either...

      Even many of the docs that understand DWP do not understand that insurance pays for it.

    • more interim results from the big dutch study

      see ronco comments at the end...

      as JF used to say, hpv is like a full employment act for these guys...the longer you delay coming to any meaningful conclusion, the longer you have a job studying it over and over

      has there ever been anything that has had more large confirmatory studies?

    • Thanks

    • English language version available at:


    • Incas you are the master of information.
      Thanks for the offer of the "guidelines", my system finally came back so I have them. These in my mind are the guidelines that 'weren't'!
      Quite the cop out - it (DWP) is better but just can't say do it.

      Previous gray journal issue had an interesting piece on preventing rectal infection with hpv after vaginal exam. What is the value of the dre anyway...

      Author acknowledges the substantial involvement of hpv in colorectal disease and says to change gloves. Have been telling my provider friend this for more than a year, perhaps with this article he might listen. At least he DWPS, but just one amongst many that don't.

      Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2007 Sep 28;
      Rectovaginal examinations and human papillomavirus: can we decrease the risk of colorectal infection?Hurd WW.
      Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Boonshoft School of Medicine, Wright State University, Dayton, OH.

      Rectovaginal examination with gloves contaminated with vaginal secretions might increase the risk of human papillomavirus (HPV) inoculation of the rectum in women with genital HPV infections. Because of the high prevalence of asymptomatic genital HPV infections, and the association between HPV and colorectal malignancy, examination gloves should be changed between vaginal and rectal examinations.

      PMID: 17905179

    • Incas, I think you gave a link to Quiagen quotes via Yahoo Finance on the German DAX exchange back when the merger was announced. I didn't save the link and can't seem to get back there despite my googleing eforts. Without the old Digene YMB to refer back to I'm at a loss. Could you offer it up again? Thanks.

    • would certainly explain why none of the analysts mentioned the guidelines and why there was no buzz about them...

      although i would join KC with his desire not to be a member of asccp since they publicly, on the consensus board, stated their strong opinions, then waffled, i suspect this came more from acog...who is bigger, who is stronger, who controls pathologist's incomes? Pathologists basically are in a position where they do what they are told to do and have no latitude to do otherwise...pathologists are complicit and would rather risk litigation than cut off the hand that feeds them

      non-stakeholders such as NCI docs can state the truth...those representing the rank and file docs (there is no one to represent the patients) will make business decisions

      exUS will be doing hpv reflex pap before any major org here actually recommends it because it has ample scientific basis and is cost-effective...but by then the US will be 80 percent penetrated anyway, and until insurers clamp down, docs will do dwps yearly, or dwp every 3 and pap every year, whatever they can get away with

      train has left the station, docs in power at the guideline level are trying to cover eachothers butts for as long as they can...once the lawsuits start rolling in they'll concede the point, grudgingly and privately, and practice better medicine without admitting or denying wrongdoing

      that's the way it works these days...pathologists discovered, once again, that they didn't have the balls to educate the gyn's for fear of pissing them off and losing business, and the gyn honchos can't declare it soc without pissing off their members due to fears of lost annual visits, and hanging them out to dry if they choose not to, or simply don't practice soc due to ignorance

      all predicted by a poster named provocateur2 way back in April of 1999...wonder who that guy was? most prescient

    • "Perhaps now we know why DIGE was sold for a bargain price... they must have known the guidelines were watered down."

      Got to think you're right on that one KC. Might be the first time Dige actually did a favor to the shareholders. My guess is we would be in the low 40's right now without the deal and would have gone down 10% on this "news".
      Don't worry, the USPSTF will make it SOC ...... in 2017 when the next ASCCP guidelines come out and say "we recommend HPVPAP in WOTS - unless you really prefer to use one of those inferior screening methods"

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