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  • seejayeh seejayeh May 16, 2003 8:04 PM Flag

    The silence is deafening

    Up almost 48% on over 5x the daily volume?! And on an overall down day for the markets?

    What? Is everyone speechless?

    Maybe Mr. Market has taken your advice Sarthur - this stock should be at least a $1. If this is a sign of things to come, I'll buy you a beer at "Seinfeld's restaurant". Heck, the last time I was in NY was over 40 yrs. ago.

    Bought a couple of lousy tickets for a Stanley Cup Pool today: one for East at 0, West 25 and another for East 22 and West 4 (scores over 29 revert to 0).

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    • i think seejayeh that people, who have bot this name at higher levels and for some sick reason have held on to this tragedy, are too weary to comment. today was up. but so many prior days were down. perhaps this thread does not have the accompaniment of cheerleaders that so many other threads have.

      today was sort of like- " hey guss, guess what the siege has lifted.

      no? you're kidding!

      no, no shit, it's lifted!

      you mean i can move around without fear of being blasted to smithereens?

      yeah, i guess."

      so, maybe the company has a life. fabulous. but show me the valuation.

      thank you

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      • Sarthur you sound like one of those who bought at higher levels. If so, I feel your pain, not on my position in this stock, but on losses I've suffered on others (don't even talk to me about 360 Networks - I lost a bundle and now hold a bunch of worthless stock).

        My average cost on Seitel is about 0.62, so when I see the kind of movement we had last Friday, of course I'm encouraged, but I can appreciate that others may not be quite so thrilled.

        So if you're one of those "others", my apologies.

        On the other hand, this board needs a cheerleader and maybe I'm the only one foolish enough to fill the bill.

        I still think this company is a turn-around story.

        I also have a funny feeling that the noteholders are already on board and that this latest extension is only about timing the release of the news. Management (including the noteholders) may be holding back an announcement to give the market time to absorb, and react to, the latest quarterly report. However, it's only a hunch - I could be wrong of course.

        By the way, aren't you doing well on OMG???

      • This is still anyones guess, cash as
        of May 7 amounted to 14.3 million. On
        the other hand the noteholders let them
        invest over 15 million in new seismic.
        Who knows?