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  • the_south_is_rising the_south_is_rising Jan 26, 2006 9:14 AM Flag

    OT - Tha end o tha world?

    Ma pologees fer breakin in on sum o them good dishcushions, but sumtimes ah thinks tha Lords gotta look down hear at usn an think whut have Ah rought. Aint these folk got no sents nohow? How many hurrycanes and sunamees an tornadoes an volcanos an whutever Ah gotta throw at em till they git there heads screwed on rite? Hears anuthr xampel o sum o tha screwy an blasfamous things goin on down hear. Lord help us all.

    Brash rapper West on Rolling Stone cover as Jesus Tue Jan 24, 7:03 PM ET

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Rapper Kanye West, unafraid to speak out over personal slights and more serious charges of political persecution, wears a crown of thorns as he poses as Jesus Christ on the cover of the next issue of Rolling Stone.

    Maybe we shood jus nail the fool to a tree an let him rap till he caint crap no more.

    Sorry fer tha outberst but wheres it all gonna end?

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    • Typo corrections:

    • Seems oxnard was quick enough to call me out on the reason that Met made all those real estate sales. Only problem was that the reason he gave (to placate rating agencies) was more egregious than the one I had been offering for years (to make the bottom line look better). When challeneged on it, all he offered was something along the lines of "Well, I'm not sure, that's my understanding." Given the significance of the issue, I was hoping he was checking into it. C'mon oxnard. You're one of our best posters. Don't keave this subject hanging out there in worse shape than where I had left it.

    • bert ..No one should feel they need to say they are sorry for making typos ...Its human to make mistakes . That is why I brought it up .We all can make mistakes even snoopy .This was only brought up by me so snoopy can see ALL make mistakes no need to put anyone down including snoopy but snoopy and others also don't need to put posters down that make typos .... therefore we CAN overlook them .Right ?Right!! Know what I am trying to say? Thanks bert

    • Well, I wasn't talking just to Snoopy, and at least he was gracious enough to offer me an apology for his misspellings.

    • ha ha ha ............bert you were not here ,when he corrected everyone on this board that typed anything in ...that was to show him that he also isn't perfecto ..

    • I am confused. Help me out.

      In post 16856 oxnatdflootsnoot stated that <My understanding is that the rating agencies were about to lower Met's safety rating as a company. Real estate was sold to raise cash and prevent this. My understanding is also that selling stocks or bonds would not have accomplished the same thing.>

      In post 16858 you responded with <Great Post Oxnard>.

      In your recent post you stated that <I think MET sold their real estate assets to among other things used the proceeds for their M&A inititatives.>

      Did Met sell their real estate to prevent the rating agencies from lowering MET's rating or for their M&A activities? And other than the Travelers buy what other M&A activities are you referring to?

      And with MET's current level of debt how many more M&A activities do you think they will have to make to reach that 100 million customers target? If Travelers cost 11 billion, will those two properties you mention get back most or all of the new acquisition costs?

    • Know aplogy kneaded oar expectorated.

    • You are correct, bert. There were a few misspellings. My apologies.

    • The ewhus asks "mhmm can anyone understand that ?" To which the answer is - Only those literate in the English language. Check with your interpreter.

      And, please note, she again puts her two-cents into a discussion that has absolutely nothing to do with her. (And I'm really pushing the inflation concept with that "two cent" evaluation.) She must be great as a neighbor, no? A tribal yenta.

    • Alright ,thanks bert....

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