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  • vantofler vantofler Apr 2, 2009 8:05 PM Flag


    Metlife informed employees in ny that they plan to increase offshore workers and decrease (layoff) workers in ny. Its time to fight back! Find a new insurer and you'll almost surely get better rates anyway. Tell your friends and family.

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    • STFU!

    • Some companies get it!

      RESTON, Va. – Sallie Mae said Monday that it will bring 2,000 jobs to the U.S. within the next 18 months as it shifts call center and other operations from overseas.

      The move is welcome news to the country's jobless, whose numbers have climbed past 13 million.

      "The current economic environment has caused our communities to struggle with job losses. They need jobs, and we will put 2,000 of them into U.S. facilities as soon as we possibly can," Chief Executive Albert L. Lord said in a statement.

      Aside from call center positions, the nation's largest private student lender will be looking for individuals to fill information technology and operations support roles.

    • I agree. Its amazing to me that some people on these boards are more emotionally tied to the stock of this stinking company than to the lives of their fellow americans trying to provide for their families. MetLife is purposely laying off american workers and transfering those jobs to india. Not to support an expansion of service as some nitwit commented here - but to save money. They can get 3 programmers there for the price of 1 here. Whats really sad is that they hired jerks from AIG who are now making life miserable for life-long Met employees. We need to stand together as americans and demand Metlife freeze layoffs and offshoring. They have almost 40 BILLION in cash - there is simply no excuse!

    • MET is expanding in foreign countries. They need foreign workers to service their own country.

      MET is hiring in the USA to service their USA customers. Whether or not they need all the NY employees is another matter.

    • Met Life is only doing what the Congressional leaders and representatives allow them to do. Our congressional reps talk about jobs but do absoultly nothing to support their talk. It is most of the congressman/women and senators from the East Coast (Blue States) that allow this practice to continue. Last year the H1 programs allowed over 200,000 jobs to go to foreign workers here in this country. They also allowed over 500,000 jobs to be exported. How many jobs were lost by american workers last year. Please send a thank you card to your State Representative in Washington.

    • Why don't you just hop in your foreign car and drive on down to Prudential (U.K. based) and get you some insurance. P.S. Does anybody in N.Y. buy American made products

    • loser//

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