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  • bhenning32 bhenning32 Jan 11, 2012 10:52 AM Flag

    Job Creators

    I would imagine Met Life recieves lots of Favorable Tax Treatment because they are after all JOB CREATORS.I`m afraid that Americans have been sold a Phoney Bill of Goods.The Job Creators are constantly doing Mass Layoffs.

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    • Thought this was interesting.

      When logging into the MetLife Careers center, you'll see that 98% of 500 or so Job listings are commission based roles. The other 2% are internships.

      Not necessarily the kind of jobs you'd want to create.

      Without logging in, there are a lot of listed jobs, but they are not available when you actually go and sign in.

    • Job creators are the consumer.

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      • Job creators are the consumer.

        You are 100% right.Consumers with disposable income, not consumers who are underemployed and struggling with Student Loans that put them 30 to 50 Thousand Dollars in debt for Degrees that didn`t earn them an EXTRA NICKEL.Perhaps All those Minimum Wage Jobs that are being Created will provide enough disposable income to pay our Heating Bill. Just Vote Republican THEY LOVE the Right To Work States, every single benefit goes to the Employer and the Employees are Almost Slaves Just like the Republicans Want. Remember This, NO ONE HAS LESS POWER THAN THE POOR, And People Families, Seniors have been Slipping into poverty By The Millions for TEN YEARS. Think it`s an accident?

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