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  • live_wire_mac live_wire_mac Feb 22, 2012 9:42 PM Flag

    It's about to CRASH...!!!

    Won't matter what stock you own. You can't say the whole support mechanism for the stock market is to just burn newly entered shorts by letting the USD go down. There is no historical precident to show commodities rallying alongside of financial stocks and everything else. There is going to be a separation and the financial paper pusher crap is going to stay down and deflate while "things real" monetize and go up. You can't monetize debt and push on a string to pump up industries that no longer exist in the USA, it's all been shipped to China and you can "prime the pump" there because they have a pump to prime. I suspect millions of americans are going to cancel their insurance policies for non-payment of premiums and the whole industry is going to unravel. Plus there is fraud all over with people getting into accidents just to collect something. I remember when times were tough in the rural areas the people told me to watch out because you can get rammed at a stop light when the car in front hits their brakes hard. Just to collect the insurance. And these are hardest times right now with no let up. This stock is lofty and ran up nice and I think it's going to fall apart like everything else as EU debt problems pull them down and we are like 6 months lag from what they do over there. It is over. Why are metals so high? Never before like this. It's telling you something. These paper pusher stocks are a house of cards. People stop paying the premiums and it all folds up. I know a landscaper who told me all the contractors he knew just decided to cancel their insurance. That's going on all across the country. The business dried up and the bosses decided to boost their profits and take it on the risk. I know for a fact, that is happening. Also, with every store closing.........that's another insurance policy just cancelled.

    So Go SHORT.........or get ready to stare into the dirt and wonder why you were born, because you are going to lose your money if you stay long too long. You haven't made a dime till you sell and once the selling one wants to buy in up here and be whistling yankee doodle or dixie.

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