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  • jetstream1103 jetstream1103 Nov 22, 2000 7:14 PM Flag

    Xicomania: DON'T I

    DESERVE some recognition/response for the
    overlooked NEWS announced on Monday, November 20, regarding
    LabVIEW?.....I let everyone know (in an entertaining way, I
    MIGHT ADD) as early as October 30 in post #14567. Come
    on. If I don't start getting respect from guys of
    your stature, I will resort to charging an appropriate
    fee for my prognostications...;)

    Here is a
    respose I recently got from the LLTC board regarding Mr.

    " xicor is just next door to lltc. xicor is a
    messed up company for the last fifteen years i've
    tracked them. i know friends that left xicor say it is a
    messed up company with no designers for one

    from that, i don't know if lou is talented or
    blind or don't know where he is heading or what
    of worms he will be opening.

    it takes years
    to turn around a messed up company, and may not even
    be successful.

    look at mlin

    certainly be a hero if he does

    lltc has many
    talented people. the engineers and team are the important
    ones that create and
    support the products to
    market. the important business team complements the
    technical team
    and makes the company work.

    sure someone capable has taken over lou's duties as vp
    before lou became gm of mix
    signals at lltc for the
    last year. lltc has done well for the last year so the
    transition was a no event. lou is some what a business
    person whereas reay is a technical person and will bring
    technical ideas to create great products to market. to me
    lou does not fit this technical gm position at lltc,
    but how can one downgrade a person since he holds a
    top post at lltc.

    lou is a talented
    ambitious person where lltc has many such persons either
    technical or
    business. lltc has many high performance
    proprietary products where no analog companies
    will have.
    lltc has an efficient analog proprietary manufacturing
    facilities with many talent fab/process people.

    might turn around xicor, but lltc will not suffer since
    it has not suffer since lou was not vp for the past

    go lltc!"

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    by jetstream1103
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    I encourage the regulars to give some thought to an
    "OPEN LETTER" to King Louis I.
    I am very confident
    it would be read and might set the tone for what we
    do next.

    YBRICH: I agree with you about their
    timing and sincerely hope you didn't lose too much
    money. As one of the smartest/craftiest posters here I'm
    sure you found a way to minimize your losses.. Are you
    buying any calls at these levels... and how liquid are
    they? (I recognize this may be a stupid


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    • Jetsteam,

      with the stock at this level,
      the only thing you can do is hold your position. I
      don't believe in buying options since over 90% of
      options expire worthless.

      The next time the stock
      rallies hard, consider selling options on a portion of
      your portfolio to generate income on this investment
      which allows you a return on your investment.

      a long-time resident of the hotel Xicor, you know
      how this stock trades up and down. Use it to your

      Best Regards,


    • I love it the way people who short always end their message with the words Peace. How hypocritical.