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  • ssam ssam Oct 6, 1998 5:52 PM Flag

    Long term vs. short term.

    It appear to me that shot term is not very bright
    for this stock. Unfortunately, the company took a
    wrong strategy on fighting the market decline. As we
    see in today, the large volunme is caused by news
    release which tempet to boast the stock price. It
    catually create a short etrm speculator dive into the
    stock, but yet to see any meanningful stock price move
    to the positive direction. Worse yet, short term
    investor will sale when they can cash out, so the upward
    movement is limited.
    I think they should have hired a
    right person to deal investor relations and
    Anyway, as i posted before, this stock is knopcked down
    by guilty of association (MA Hanna and others).
    Howevr what interesting is:
    1)This company does not
    have oversea exposure like Hanna has,
    2) It is
    closely held by institution.

    The right way for
    them to communicate to the market is to launch a buy
    back program. Since the volume is thin, so they
    acually don't need to have a lot of purchase to support
    certain level.

    But now the real long term guys may
    be t=urned away since the real vealue of stock is
    scewed by short term speculators.