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  • meanscreen2000 meanscreen2000 Jun 18, 2001 6:46 PM Flag

    Just my opinion

    Remember now I'm long, so don't be put off by my statement. Reality hurts.
    I was long at 13 and stopped out at 8�.
    I also wrote calls against my postion, so I was insulated pretty well from the fall.
    Why do longs, if you're legitmate, bash short sellers. The legit shorts called this one very well.
    And they didn't call it from 100 or 75 or 50.
    They called it right at the reversal when it bounced off of 14, and fell apart.
    Long term, mid 2002, I still like what they can do.
    But for now, get over it, they were dead on.
    I went back in at 6 on a limit order(disclosure).
    I will start to write calls when it reaches 10.
    Take care.