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  • dog01buck dog01buck Oct 30, 2013 4:24 PM Flag

    An interest take on CEO Michael Lee - don't gloss, read it all

    Not sure if Yahoo will allow posting of llnk

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    • Just a lot of babbling BS. I don't care what the guy is like. Like any company, sooner or later some #$%$ is going to be in charge. Its just a matter of when.

    • Thx for the article. Not sure I like that description. My thesis at this point is to bet on a competent manager but this article makes him seem a bit wild. I definitely see that he is the type to make a company from scratch which is good, but I also see that he likes to gamble which is bad. Maybe his ego is big enough to pull this off or maybe the weight of his ego will crush what is left.

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      • Agreed - I believe they describe a defective personality - no 2 ways about it.

        EVEN IF you believe him to be very capable, he MUST be reigned in by the Board if he loses control of the situation and is in denial.

        A genius tyrant (who is NEVER wrong) may be a capable CEO and many deficiencies can be overlooked, BUT everyone can be wrong and tunnel vision is not what we want or need - we need flexible capable leadership.

        He could have been the "right guy" with a STRONG Board - I sense that he is a "my way or the highway" thinker, and at a time of stress and catastrophe, I believe TOWER has the WRONG guy at the helm (admittedly, this is presuming the article is accurate and "on point").

        Not sure why there was a recent resignation BUT given the timing I do NOT give ANY credence to "private reasons" - I mean my god, it was the Chief Underwriting Officer and the reserves were seriously underfunded....

        Overall, I feel the article bashed the guy - just don't know whether it was fair but I sense it was.

    • Can't believe yahoo let you post that link but it did.

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