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  • kevinllieno kevinllieno Jul 17, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    sadly it takes a while for china fraud stocks to die a slow death...

    my sense is that american investors in these frauds are of Asian dissent, or asian descent, or asian dissert, because all these of these terms apply. All china micro caps, ALL CHINA MIRCO CAPS

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    • Kevin, I don't visit this board often, but I wish to make a late reply. Sino Agro Food is a U.S. company (incorporated in Nevada) that is based in Guangzhou, China and has operations in several Chinese provinces. The CEO (Solomon Lee) is an Australian citizen. That means that he can be sued and prosecuted in the US, unlike most of the Chinese micro caps. Also, I have personally visited their operations in three provinces, and I can tell you that this company is FOR REAL. Unfortunately, its share price has been hurt by all of the fraudulent Chinese companies. But SIAF is not a fraud.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • all are beyond the reach of u.s. law. all of them. yesterday I represented a really wonderful chinese kid who is from western china. He said, many of the government people are stealing the company blind, and with hidden accounts, are getting U.S. green cards....he was fairly specific about it. Anyway, i think the owners of this tiny company are chinese people who have a sentimental attachment to the mothership. AMERICAN INVESTORS: BEWARE............inevitably these little fraud stocks will run afoul. and the collapse is inevitable. so you can see these nitwits on message boards like I love, but they are either stupidly silly, like the swedes, or are chinese dissent/discent people..........who will throw their money away for the mother ship. BUT ANGLOS HERE, THAT IS TO SAY

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      • americans of euro extraction: do not put your money here: the china people in southeast asia will take your dollars and you are dumped like an old w hor do not invest in these little china fraud companies. Remember: if the secretary or vp runs off with the check book, whadya gonna do? fly to china and prosecute the kid? BTW, china management people know this. And this company has a serial diluter, a guy who could care less about american owners of his company. LESS THAN LESS, so unless you are chinese, in america, do not invest here. LET THE FOOLISH CHINESE sentimental americans of CHINA, LOSE ALL THEIR MONEY, as they have done in like 98 percent of other china micro caps with the thieves in china who take the money, and they literally, run for the hills with it.
        To be beyond the reach of the law, is to let the thieves run wild, run simply wild............if I were a business man in china, I would set up a little fraud nas company, and I would hire a pr firm, with shares on the come, and we would rip off EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN stupid enough to believe the lies...I will post a list, later of the china fraud stocks.................incredible list; every single company. The swedes are good people, but each and every one of the swedes, will lose each and every dollar here, and, even as the last dollar is taken from them, EVERY single swede will say, "I was right about siaf, completely right, and yea perhaps I lost every single nickle, but here was the problem, if you want to know the truth: ___________________(fill in the blank; there will be a dozen excuses)

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