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  • paidbasher38291 paidbasher38291 Dec 22, 2009 12:57 PM Flag

    to be fair to the pmi pumpers

    i actually think a decent trade for those who are risk averse would be to go long pmi and short rdn, on an absolute basis they are both worthless, but pmi is basically trading like it is worthless, while rdn is trading like it is a viable business, as i have said, in many ways pmi is in better shape than rdn, pmi has less short term debt issues, and has cash to pay claims, versus a financial guaranty subsidiary whose trups positions are deteriorating rapidly, if someone put a gun to my head and made me buy one it current prices, it would be pmi, not rdn, that being said, as a pure long position i would buy neither, but neither would i short pmi at these levels, there is almost no meat on the bone ($200MM market cap is nothing) versus rdn which again is trading like it is worth something, i only hang out on this board to bother you people and because the rdn board is dead, except on days like this when everyone wants to buy in to a stock that is up 60% from recent lows, bizarre animals some traders are.