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  • paidbasher38291 paidbasher38291 Mar 2, 2010 3:01 PM Flag

    here's what those salaries and bonuses are buying

    the flow book has a good 6.8b in losses embedded in it, the bulk another 1.3b, and pool aother 600m, for 8.7b in losses, plus another 700m in runoff expenses, though with these guys it oculd easily be 7000m the way they enrich themselves, so a good 9.5b or so in uses, on the other hand they have 3.1b of investments, 940m in captive trusts, not all of which they will get access to, maybe 470m of future investment income, and maybe 4b in future premiusm, being very, very generous there, so 8.5b or so in sources, leaving them 1b short of being able to pay claims, then there is the debt that they have, and thse guys bleed the company for 5M a year in bonues + salary, plus how much for bennies like their retirement plan, health care, limos, etc, you can bt they are taking plenty of trips to europe to oversee that disaster, on the policyholder's dime of course, enjoy it while it lasts, boys.

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    • dutchgi Mar 2, 2010 3:41 PM Flag

      i am very interested what the others on this messageboard can tell on this.

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      • I looked at the article-sec filing
        I agree not a great year for
        big salaries not the CEO but others
        on the board raised from 345k
        to 350k .... I agree why do that when
        stock is down like it is... It would
        go along way if they all said they
        would only take $1 salary this past year
        I'm sure something like that would
        help public image but it doesn't cover up
        the fact rdn mtg and pmi are starting
        to show alot of underlying
        support at these stock levels and
        I would say with spring seasonal
        housing coming the chance for
        housing stocks to go higher is very good

        but paidbasher is right why give yourself
        even a five thousand raise even for pr