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  • robert.stromberg robert.stromberg Aug 17, 2010 6:45 PM Flag

    Shorts, GIGM is well under cash value, you should cover fast.

    Dude you need to mellow out and stop exaggeration and the pumping, it's just too desperate! In the nearterm we will see $2 a share in cash

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    • net cash by Q3 will likely be $2, and tangible book will likely be $3+ including investments and other liquid assets.

      further, im not pumping, imo, mangas will pay them way more by 2012. they could net another $1 per share cash on the first payment as described.

      And the second payment in 2013 should GIGM use its put option, will exceed $65mil CASH, simply because all player account balances has already been discounted as per their may 27th call, the 2nd payment is 65mil+ all cash.

      Overall their net cash considering all things, will be over $4, of which yes, Net cash will be $2 short term.

      Im looking forward to 2012 and 2013 payments.

      Just because more cash is coming in a year or two makes it only $2 to you huh? Thats utterly ridiculous, a company should be valued at what theyre entitled to, and Mangas will pay them handsomely in Q2 and in 2012/2013.

      And yes im letting people know that the current market cap is just barely equivelant to the first payment from mangas + their cash on hand.

      Further, I expect a rise to $3.50 soon enough and hope people take advantage, both shorts and longs.

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      • Put this in perspective. The very LEAST mangas will pay them is $165mil, but probably over $225mil considering everest's rising value by 2012+..

        The payments from mangas are as follows. $100mil next quarter, and $65mil upon claim by GIGM's put by 2013.

        $165mil (initial 'up front' payments) + mangas full value in 2012.

        $225 is $4 per share from mangas.

        Further, GIGM had $60mil cash also, minus short term borrowings maybe $25mil total.

        Managas couldve bought GIGM over at todays market cap of $112mil or $2.05, instead they committed to around $4 in cash payments over the next 2-3 years, and GIGM retains its business value and cash on hand.

        Thats the irony. Stock should be at $4 just on Cash AND FUTURE PAYMENTS.

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