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  • papaatakes papaatakes Oct 1, 2006 7:16 PM Flag

    Rep Mark Foley scandal


    Democratic dream cum true.......Lol

    This will taint the Republicans (the party of the evangelical hypocrites) til Nov 7th.

    I think its hilarious and it should remain front page til election day....

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      There is more to this scandal than has been revealed already. Several other R politicians will be unmasked before the Fat Lady sings.

    • So you consider a man innocent that admits to sending messages to a kid asking for pictures and especially a accurate measurment of his dick. Oh well. to each his own.

    • So you consider a man innocent that admits to sending messages to a kid asking for pictures and especially a accurate measurment of his dick. Oh well. to each his own.

    • and he checks himself into rehab and blames excessive drinking as his problem. The S.O.B. belongs in a prison mental hospital. In addition, all the bastards that knew and covered for him, need to go with him. I consider myself a Republican, so dont start that liberal B.S. on me

    • I simply cannot believe that you can't see the difference between men that call sex phone lines and a man in the position of trust and power over children approaching CHILDREN to talk about sex. This is an elected official, sworn to serve and protect the very children he was soliciting. And it has already been proven that he did it; he apologized for it and the emails and IMs are posted online for all (that have the stomach for it) to read. Sexual contact or not, no adult has the right to solicit children for sexual gratification in any way. And yes, even though these young men are 16 and 17, they are still kids. What a tainted view they now must have of our elected officials. It's a shame that they may now think you can't make a difference or succeed in government unless you let a higher up molest you, whether in person or online. Certainly not the civic lesson I'm sure their parents sent them to Washington to learn.

    • I never cease to be amazed! Rep. Jefferson stands accused of taking bribes to help a company get lucrative contracts in Africa which, if true, is illegal and plain wrong. But to say that is worse than what Foley did is just amazing. This man solicited CHILDREN for his sexual pleasure! All the while, heading a foundation to protect children from exploitation. It does not matter his political party, this was immoral and disgusting. Sick or not, he knew right from wrong enough to hide what he was doing. If you read even half a page of the emails he sent, you should want him in jail. No matter whether the Page responded to his emails or not, he was the adult and these were kids. This was not only a crime, but an abomination. If a grown man were to write this smut to YOUR son, would you say, "Well, there's a black sumbitch that stole money down south, so don't worry about it, son?" Talk about hypocrisy!!

    • Bottom line, it's election season. Anyone who even farts in public will be castrated. Plus it looks like both some of his Dem and Rep friends knew that he might have been a bit out of line. Of course will only hear about the Rep friends...if they even really knew anything.

      I wonder how many people, men, when they first met their wives, thought to themselves 'Wow, what a beautiful intelligent and educated person that I would like to have a meaningful relationship with'? As opposed to thinking 'Jeeezuz, look at the rack on that broad.....sure like to fuck her brains out'?

    • Papa, you are dead wrong! Mark and I have spent a lot of quality time together and I guarantee you he is not interested in boys. He likes older men like me. Man he's great in bed. And his penis is perfect. IMHO

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