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  • notarethug notarethug Nov 10, 2006 10:16 AM Flag


    Bolton's nomination should not be confirmed because he consistently acts against American interests in the U.N. For example on Wednesday the U.N. condemned the U.S. illegal boycott against Cuba by a vote of 183-4. Israel and 2 tiny U.S. Pacific outposts were the only countries supporting Bolton's position. Bolton voted for the counterproductive Cuba boycott.

    The Bush boycott of Cuba is counterproductive because it prevents American tourists and students and missionaries from traveling to Cuba. American companies are not able to sell their products there. U.S. professional baseball teams are not able to compete against the best foreign teams in the world or to scout for talent in Cuba. U.S. parents of Cuban children and grandchildren are forbidden to visit their family members. Cuban sports teams, musicians, and scholars are rarely able to obtain visas to enter the U.S.

    I would like to travel to Cuba to enjoy the weather, food, rum, and cigars. Bolton and other christofascist pigs in the Bush administration are interfering with legitimate economic and cultural interests of the American people by supporting the Cuba boycott. The U.S. now has economic relations with Viet Nam and China. It makes no sense to have better relations with those countries than with Cuba.

    Boo for Bolton!

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