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  • isleymike isleymike Nov 21, 2006 10:49 AM Flag

    Fitsgeralds incompetence aided in 9/11 attack

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    • Your response makes no sense at all.

      If you are Libby's defense attorney, his chance of beating the rap on all 5 counts is exactly zero. Let's hope Scooter doesn't meet up with a cellmate named "Bubba" when he enters a federal penitentiary.

    • He did. And that's why none of the charges against Libby will stick. Look at it this way. Since Fitz knew who outed her, and it wasn't Libby, then Libby knew too that HE didn't out her. Thatbeing the case, what incentive does Libby have to lie? Why would he want to since he cannot be found guilty of outing her? The only answer, and one that his attorney will point out to the jury, is that he just forgot, after three years, who he talked to, about what, and when, and may have misremembered anyway.

      The question all the Libby bashers don't ask is this 'If Libby knew he wasn't the one who outed her then why the hell would he have any reason to lie?'. The answer as to why they still think Libby lied is that they hate Bush still and anyone associated with him.

    • <And, since we now know who outed her how come he isn't being prosecuted?>

      Why does it matter who outed Valerie Plame? If you are so certain of who outed her, why not idenitfy the guilty perps instead of playing guessing games? Have you demanded that the perps be prosecuted? If so, please furnish documents supporting your assertiion.

      The crimes Mr. Libby are accused of don't depend upon him of being the first person to out Valerie Plame. Mr. Libby is accused of throwing sand in Mr. Fitzgerald's face when the GJ was investigating the original crime. If Mr. Libby is innocent the jury or judge hearing his case will declare Mr. Libby free to spend the remaining years of his life outside a federal penitentiary, for this set of crimes at least.

      Why no wait for the end of Mr. Libby's trial starting on January 17 before making any additional ridiculous statements about such a complex criminal matter?

    • And, since we now know who outed her how come he isn't being prosecuted? Wasn't this supposed to be a very serious offense, one that threatened her life, one that struck at the very foundations of the secrecy of the CIA, one that was said to border on requiring the impeachment of the President?????

      Right. They're all scum, every last Liberal and Democrat and media scumbag who made a big deal out of it until it was obvious that the President wasn't involved, nor was Rove, nor was Cheney...and worse, that they all knew who the realer outer was even before the investigation started.

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