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  • czar_of_pzza czar_of_pzza Sep 14, 2008 2:51 PM Flag

    Would You Please Limit Politics To Weekends?

    Or at least until after the markets have closed?
    Thanks in Advance.

    Papapapa (1995)

    A humorous experimental documentary focusing on immigration and the assimilation of vegetable (!) and human bodies. The piece follows a potato as it immigrates north from Incan Peru and becomes transformed in the process; simultaneously, filmmaker Alex Rivera follows the journey of his father Augusto, raised in Lima then transported to the United States.

    Genres: Documentary Running Time: 28 min.
    Produced in: United States

    It used to be the learned opinion of sane, intelligent investors everywhere that the only thing dumber than paapaapapaa was a potato*. However, with the rediscovery of the film "Papapapa" (1995), it now appears that spuds actually do possess more brains than the infamous "paps" who posts here, and elsewhere on Yahoo.
    After his first Yahoo_ID "toidi" (which is "idiot" spelled backwards), or something like that, was removed by Yahoo for his gross lack of investment smarts exhibited via his posts, he eventually returned with the ID "papapapa", and several similar ones, and even a few "friends", before creating his current incarnation. Frankly, I'm surprised the filmmaker hasn't yet sued paps.
    Sadly, in the approximate decade that he has been posting, papa's IQ has not increased even an iota. In fact, his posting has exhibited the composting of his reasoning process: rather than learn from life, he just keeps on getting dumber. Now, instead of just posting stupid stuff, and arguing about it when others point out his errors, he also cuts and pastes dumb liberal & socialist stuff, and makes stupid comments in support of the dumb (off-topic) stuff he cuts and pastes. Truly a waste of a human life, but it is his choice.
    However, it's not his birthright to inflict his choice on the rest of the world (or cyberspace). Just remember that he has NO confirmed stock investments in any company (well, he might still have a pizza from a third rate company coming to him), NO chemistry with the opposite (or same) sex, NO grasp of political debate (or politics in general), NO understanding of ethics, NO knowledge of religion, and NO connection with the real world. Please keep this in mind as we enter the new trading week, and progress into the future.

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