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  • sprinterman1 sprinterman1 Feb 10, 2009 3:33 PM Flag

    Way to go Obummer!

    Your tax dodging treasury secreatary sure calmed the markets today. That's what we get for electing a fast talking dummy with no experience :):):):))

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    • There was such an out cry due to Geithner's inexperience...Idiot!

    • I suppose it is only natural for you Bush supporters to be overly eager in criticizing Obama. After all, Bush set a new standard for incompetence and failure, so of course you are hoping Obama is not successful in turning the country around. Be mindful that it took 8 years for Bush to screw things up to this extent, while Obama has only been President for three weeks.

      The thing to take note of about today's market reaction is that it was not so much a rejection of a bank plan as it was disappointment with the lack of details about what the plan will do. The market is seeking clarity and it got none. Interpreting what happened today as anything other than that is a mistake.

      I think it may represent one of the last opportunities to buy the market under 8,000. Not to say a big rally is imminent. But details about the bank plan are coming, the stimulus bill has passed, the bias is to the upside and the shorts know it.

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      • It doesn't matter who the president was or who will be. And no plan is going to restore our manufacturing base. This country can no longer compete with the rest of the world. It's called globalization. It's the reason the middle class is disappearing. Industry can't pay a factory worker $70000 a year with
        full benefits and expect to survive. We're screwed, get use to it.

    • And threatening to put a stop to 'wall street bonuses'.

      I guess people should be paid little to sit around on their hands not produce.

      bonuses get people to work and do a good job and make profits!

      socialism is coming!

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