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  • tonymontana50017 tonymontana50017 Jun 1, 2009 12:16 PM Flag

    Obama Bull Market powers ahead....


    I knew that once we got another Democrat in the White House, the market would turn up. After 8 wonderful years of Bill Clinton followed by 8 miserable years of G.W. Bush....well the proof is out there for everyone to see.....

    The U.S. Markets prefer Democratic Presidents. There can be no denying it now.....

    Its wonderful having God on your side.......

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    • Right on, Tony! God Bless you, too.

    • You got it RIGHT! An Amazing Man for the Right time in our history! Already one of the TOP 5 PRESIDENTS, after 4 MONTHS! He literally saved the world from financial doom inflicted by the BUSH excesses and dishonesty that poisoned our free market with greed. In spite of the PI$SED off Republican funds managers that are going down in flames, WE ARE IN AN AMAZING BULL MARKET!!!!

    • Go away!
      This board is not for your F cheap politics.

    • billea Jun 2, 2009 10:54 AM Flag

      Obama is now GOD? Dam his pay grade is going through the roof. Oh well, he is on my side - YEA RIGHT!

    • I don’t get why all of these radio talk show republitards are running around all day complaining about inflation. We all know that prices will eventually go up. That is exactly what we are hoping for. If case they did not notice we are at the precipice of a deflationary spiral where prices go down and businesses close doors permanently. Yes inflation is bad…and prices, maybe even taxes may go up. But hyperinflation in the US is highly unlikely. Yes we will have to raise interest rates to fight it but so what? We are at unsustainably low rate now anyway. Higher rates are certain to come, and more pain with it. You may disagree with the tactics but the strategy would have been the same for Bush or Obama because Ben Bernanke believes that increasing liquidity is the best way to fight inflation….His is probably right. There will be hard times ahead as we fight the coming inflationary pressures but we (I) will be working. Yes my savings will be worth less than before, but I can invest to offset the loss. Yes it will cost me more to fuel up to go to work…but I WILL GO TO WORK, and my salary will rise. I’ll be paying more for almost every thing, but I’ll be making more also. Not a good situation but better than a deflationary layoff. No one will realize this of course, esp. not the Republitards. My advice to the people who are really worried about their savings…Buy a shlt load of stock esp. stock in basic materials and fuel.

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      • WOW, how do you invest in stocks?? "Bernanke's believes excess liquidity will fight inflation and he's probably right??"LOL

        Inflation IS a monetary issue. Too much money chasing too few goods causes prices to RISE. Bernanke is trying to get the economy going by printing like a madman fighting a deflation bogey that doesn't exist. He is also trying to monetize our debt. What we had was simply a Real Estate correction. So expect prices to rise dramatically for goods unless he stops the printing presses.

        I agree rates are too low historically but you miss the point. People can't pay their mortgages now because prices are too high. What happens to people's houses when mortgage rates hit 8%??10%?? Values will plummet. No more home equity loans to buy things like cars and appliances. Worse, as rates rise you can't sell your house for what you paid for it. So much for dumb people looking to buy now to lock in low rates. They also lock in the high price which they are too stupid to figure out.

        The killer is inflation kills savings. Your money never keeps up with rising costs. So, your savings goes from a million dollar house in LA to a condo in Podunk Iowa if not held in check.

        Oil is a dollar issue not an inflation issue. You can have no growth low energy environment and rampant inflation. That's called stagflation!

      • One last thing…My parents used to tell me how when they first came to this country they had little except the American dream. They found a way to save enough money to but a $30K home in NYC…they could not believe how much debt they were in. They thought it would take them the rest of their lives to pay off that mortgage. Here we are now and thanks to just 3% inflation a year (our national goal) that same house helped them buy a couple more much better homes plus they receive rental income from the first. We have been playing the same game internationally ever since we got off of the gold standard. Inflation is actually good if you can keep it low. It helps you finance your debt with cheaper dollars. The trick is finding that balance and not letting get away from you.

    • Actually the 90's were about a technology revolution and had nothing to do with politics. Either side. Clinton's first two years were slow but then...

      1.Move from the mini to micro computer. Winners DELL/INTC/MSFT/CSCO. That's where most of the money was made.

      2. Killer app - browser. Winners JAVA/DOTCOMS/Internet software/security. Most of those industries blew up so jobs were not sustainable and went away. Where is AOL & dot bombs today??

      3. Cell phone as a growth business. Winners chip/memory and cell phone makers.

      4. Broadband industry & Clecs. All funded through debt and all today are Bankrupt with all those billions in loans gone bad not to mention jobs also gone.

      5. Nasdaq crashed in Clinton's last year in office from ~5,200 to 1,700.

      Clinton had a Republican Congress, perfect storm for deficit reduction since they would not let him spend any money. Add one time gains like peace dividend & end of Resolution trust payments and deficits plummeted.

      Oh...projected surplus disappeared not with Bush but in Clinton's last year as money from capital gains taxes was gone and people started to file losses. unemployment also rocked as the country went into recession by the time Bush took office.

      Let's wait on Obama. This Bernanke printing pump is fake. Rates are rising rapidly along with energy prices. Higher taxes are coming and just wait until he destroys the health Care System.

    • Wake me up when the 'Yomama Bull Market' hits Dow 14000. Then we'll talk.

    • watch out for obama 's high octane inflation.....typcial american boy, spending more than you can pay 'em back.

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