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  • sonnnnnnnnnnnn sonnnnnnnnnnnn Oct 28, 2009 3:58 PM Flag

    Buy under $10.00/share????



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    • heavy unfilled buy orders at close ...technical indicator for up day tomorrow...if the frigen market would put on the brakes

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      • If you are an investor then I do not think you have any worries about this stock rebounding. If you are looking for a quick buck and rode this thing, then it may take longer than you thought to get your money back. I think I would bailout if it hits $15 again in the near future.

      • Almost 14 days of down-trend days and from the high of $15.11, it closed to-day @ $11.93; i.e., 21% down from the high within a historical maximum down period. Thus, histirically, from the recent past, this stock should be now at the bottom of the cycle. To-morrow, it may go down some more during the day when the buyers will start jumping in and reverse the ternd perhaps by Friday. If I am a long, I will just buy now. Also, if you look at the stock price in the past, when the Dow was at 9700 to 10,000, it was at around $30. Thus, it's now at less than at half its historical price for the corresponding Dow level. Hence, analysts at major funds are not going to wait to load their funds with these shares until it goes to below $11 (I do not think it will) and will start jumping in now whether Dow keeps going down or not. Their rush will keep the stock going down further.

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