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  • tshih_90630 tshih_90630 Dec 20, 2009 7:45 AM Flag

    The End of "The Lost Decade" for stocks

    "The Lost Decade"

    Possibility of The Lost 2 Decade?

    Japan lost 2 decades already, 1989-2009, may go 3

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    • >>>>>>>Japan lost 2 decades already, 1989-2009, may go 3<<<<

      Thats Japan, not the U.S.A. Japan has limited resources and you cant expand unless you want to build straight up in the air. America is loaded with expansion possibilities.

      Plus we got Democrats in charge now. Look back in history. This country has always excelled during Democratic administrations. Only Reagan/Carter was the exception.

      Good times optimistic....America is a great country. We survived 8 years of Bush, we can survive anything.

      People like you, expecting the end of the world......well the end of the world already took place in 2008. You missed your chance to buy into it.

      Its no wonder optimists (like me) thrive in this country. If I listened to you people, I never would have invested a dime. I remember in 1992 when I first got interested in stocks and investing......the bears were screaming that the world was ending. LOL...


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