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  • fidel1940 fidel1940 Jan 11, 2010 12:57 PM Flag

    CNBC just TRASHED AA !!!!

    Completely whacked the hell out of them. Said AA was 'way overpriced'. Target 15-16 at best. They said SELL. Let's see what really happens. I watch CNBC, but I have launched a Federal complaint against their tactics. Let's see what game they are really playing.

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    • CNBC is in the crapper!If I buy contrarian I listen to who they trash then buy!

    • irenecarol Jan 11, 2010 1:11 PM Flag

      also remember the bashers are usually the whimpees who didn't see dog before they get the bite so they are pisstoed and want in. what a great way to make a stop drop? dog it...arff arff arff.......
      I'm sitting on the porch tied to my leash and noone will tell me aa is a crapper stock. i'm long all the way

    • irenecarol Jan 11, 2010 1:08 PM Flag

      yeh and like they know the calls? i remember whenn they said no fda approval on dndn and the stock went from 2- 30 bucks in 6 minutes

      i don;t listen to those airheads = they have inflated heads that believe they know all the know......
      afterhours will pop their egos ~!

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      • agree -
        they keep trashing FRE and FNM (but not one of them knows anything about real-estate, purchases, true volume, etc.) -
        I picked up AA on the cheap about four months back and I'm not selling into earnings -
        I think we're going to see 9+ cents this afternoon vs. 5/6 cents -

        CNBC is just a joke -
        the all follow each other -
        I've sent text and email told them I would show that they are missing 'core' business holdings but never heard from them ever -
        don't expect to either -

        Good luck to all

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