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  • rossandy77 rossandy77 Mar 9, 2010 2:01 PM Flag

    AA today

    The metal and energy sectors are lagging today / we should get a run pre-earnings, or if the market continues to climb AA will have to break out, and then we still get earnings run / the key right now is the market / strong market and our day will come / market tanks and the message is recovery delayed or choppy / AA is under valued and will have it's day ... maybe sooner than later , when we all least expect it / need a catalyst or wait for pre-earnings run / lets hope the launch point is off a good number and not a lower number (pps) / andy
    ps / the reason the stock is "collared" today , is "they all are" in metal sector ... no conspiracy ... at least not today.

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    • Do you want the real answer. Alcoa is in talks with Rio and BHP behind the scenes and the hedge funds know it. BHP and Rio wanted to buy this company for $40 per share a couple of years back. BHP and Rio want the stock as low as possible so that Alcoa s board will accept a low bid. They are manipulating the stock at arms length through hedge funds and computerized propriatory trading. They are waiting for Alcoa s board to break down. Alcoa is holding out because they know the bidding parties can only keep this stock down so long before it breaks out and will have to give a fair price. Alcoa s board will not break down, they are too smart. I am sorry I was soo sarcastic but I am just frustrated. I apologize. Look at Century Aluminum. They are up 50% in last 10 days peak to traufe. I know Alcoas managements monitors the board, so I try to jar them. I guess I am desperate. My calls are about to expire.

    • Forget the guy with the genius comment. I said earlier we may have an end of day rally. The stock has been pinned for whatever reason. Maybe to frustrated holders and buy their shares before the run up which is about to start. Stay long now as your time has finally come.

    • WOW! You are a genius. Thanks for you guidance. Been waiting all day for it.

    • The only problem is it hasn't participated when metals did move so either way it's not good. I'll sell today and it will break out.

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      • It is such a "giant" or Dow component that when the Dow laggs, it laggs as well / being tied into the Dow does not help ... it is such a bell weather that AA moving will make a big statement ... these smaller cap stocks moving does not mean as much ... we are victim of our size. When AA goes and I think it will pre-earnings at least ... it is worth being in it for the POP / will it hold the gains? Never seems too ... the report would have to be very bullish / if it moves now, it would be great ... BUT it sure has been a laggard. Worst Dow stock out there / I guess the street hated their earnings last q ?


        ps / I know the Dow has run and we get "little" love as well ... right now ... "a dog with fleas" / it will move at some point this month unless market tanks in us / the bands are tightening /

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