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  • shinyusedkey shinyusedkey Apr 11, 2011 5:28 PM Flag

    AA will go up

    Unlike the low life short sellers who have no
    "basis", AA will leave you in the dust. They make real products the world needs.

    Short sellers have less moral consciousness than some microscopic organism crawling around my dog's intestine. They are sociopathic parasites who have to bull sh*t their way through life. The real world has left them in the dust and the authentic productive efforts of companies like AA will prove positive.

    AA will go up despite all of their infantile efforts to spin it down.

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    • aa will hit $16 by next week if not this week. I wish you stay in it.

    • Agreed. If it holds its support which the manipulators will try to break it through, it will be up to $20 before next quarter earnings.

      The fundimentals are solid. The sellers are wrong on this. Buy on this pullback.

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      • I have as much AA that I want and avg in at 14.63 so not worried and finally crossed my year threshold over the weekend. We will see 20. In a way I'm glad they took it down cuz I would have been tempted to sell if it went to 18.50 or higher AH instead of the other way. Now I will hold till we hit new 52 week highs later this year and I bet within a few months before next earnings report which is expected to be even better. Longs are expected to hold...shorts gamble.


    • Dude look into some anger mgmt. If you are long then so what? If you are short and have not covered then the sky is the limit to what you can lose going forward. I know we will be out of the teens and into 20 land before this year is over and as a long that is all I need to know. In the meantime you get a divy as a long and your money is safe...what more could you ask for? If you were going for a fast trade well that's just to bad I guess but if you are long you should be very happy with that earnings report and forward looking statements as well as the analyst reaction so far. OPtions have as much to do with this going down then what dipsticks on a board one here has any power to move a PPS on anything big like AA.


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