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  • payforplay17 payforplay17 Apr 20, 2011 4:33 PM Flag

    The Obama Bull Continues....

    Market hitting a 3 year high. Well......first off....its the right president for these times. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT, except the right wing sickos.

    The stock market has done nuthin but go up since 2 months into Obama's term. The market knows we have the right man for the job. Lets continue the good times past 2012.....


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    • ever been to italy..i have and it is great...

    • Nice catch.

      It is as I have told der popster, "Get one lie --- whatever you choose -- and STICK with it."

      But you know these 136 IQwes with two college degrees are just too smart for the rest of us.

    • The word Cretin will slip by Yahoo Censors and almost everyone else here.

      10 stars ;)

    • Papaa,

      when you praise Reagan in one post:
      ("This president is successful...following Reagan's footprints to the teeeee.") ,

      and then rip him in your next one:
      ("This mess started with Ronald Reagan....") ,

      it really shows what a schizophrenic nimrod you are, and why this country needs to establish sensible regulations for having cretins like you committed.

    • Mr. Payfor play,

      An Argument is something that can be supported (by facts), otherwise it's just an opinion that differs from another!

      The free market has been destroeyed, Obama is picking winners at the taxpayers expense, he has bailed out and supported those who created this problem at the taxpayers expense.

      The number of Food Stampers have increased, Obama keeps harping on not doing anything to drop this un-earned support-Welfare. looking up>?

      True Obama inherited this, but so did Bush, this problem came from Clintonomics, NAFTA, bringing China into the WTO and Long Term Capital. How we forget the root of this Fraud. Do a history check on Long Term Capital Please.

      401's look like Madoff statements, 80% of the people will never see that value. They will run for the exits faster then they came in.

      GDP is up because of printed money, it's not a Free Market anymore.

      45% of American's pay no Federal Income Tax, boy, isn't our living standard just soaring here?

      If you are a Welfare-ie, yes things are looking up. If you are one of the ones having to pay for this Crud, no things are not looking up.

    • Speaking of messes, you is one.

      This 'splains it all....

      I showed that Italy is basically a Welfare State and, as we 'know', tony "spends every day in the summer at the Water Park with his two obese COUSINS (Italians)."

      Yet, tony has "never met an Italian on welfare".

      So lemme see, this means Italy is populated by NON-Italians and tony's two obese cousins spend every day st the Water Park and are holding down full time jobs working nights and then ask tony, whom they have never met, how to handle their UNEMPLOYMENT checks on their tax returns tony is preparing at the NON-existent job he doesn't have at HRB.

      I'll just start abbreviating ... GOL&SWI

      Waht a sick, pathetic excuse for a human being.

    • "I told you all along...republicans are absolutely TOXIC to the stock market"

      Looks like the market is very comfortable with the Reps taking the credit card away from the messiah and his "glutinous Americans", Jihad Jonny...

    • The spending was going on long before Obama showed up.....

      This mess started with Ronald Reagan.....then accelerated with Bush jr. Funny how you conservatives didnt complain when they were doing it. Now that a black man is doing it.....its suddenly a problem.

      I got your number buddy boy. You can fool these idiots around here like ritchie, techno, paulie and snowwhite.....but you cant fool me.

    • More people receive Gov $$ than pay taxes and you think this moron is helping America? He is spending us into B/K so "his" people can grab your $$ and completely take over this GOV.

      He will turn us into Zimbabwe.

    • >>>>I see a man who's destroyed the Free Market, I see a man who's put 40% of American's on Food Stamps>>>>>

      The free market has made a comeback since the bailouts of 2008 and 2009. Oh yeah Bush initiated those bailouts. Obama did nothing but resume the process that Bushie started.

      Also Obama has not done one thing concerning food stamps. Its all the same as when Bush was in the White House.

      So your argument is lame.

      Sounds to me like you are jealous of the success this president is having.....stock market up, jobs recovering, GDP up, people not afraid to open their 401k/IRA statements anymore. Its looking better and better every single day.

      This president is successful...following Reagan's footprints to the teeeee.

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