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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 27, 2011 3:03 PM Flag

    Helmut is dumping

    Why aren't we? :) 'Tards we are.

    Are they going to play the TKLC game?

    Drive it down to $5 and get taken over for $7.25? Looks like it.

    Klause your not such a great CEO after all, someone with a finger on the pulse of his company and sector wouldn't be making moves of expansion like you have been. WTF are you doing.

    This company has the smell of insider nonsense written all over it. It took them 5 CC to finally admit things just are not as good as they have been protraying them to be with their 30+ colorful slides of charts and graphs of presentations. Any decent compnany would have increased their dividend to somewhat past historical levels. They haven't! Why? Now you know.

    We are back at May 2009 pps levels. Look for 100% retracement as soon as support it breaks at $8.80..oh wait it did already!!

    Daily chart is a mess...Weekly says its no where near bottomed out, alot more pain to go!...Monthly says someone please take me over if I dip any further.

    The sponsors of this stock are so transparent.

    You can readily ID the DB on this board from prior posts.

    Klause your doing a great job for your board but not such a great job for us DB who actually believed what you were saying for the last 5 CC. Let me know where you land next so I avoid your next company. Odds are you won't be working again after raping your common shareholders so well. Enjoy our cash.

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