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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Apr 3, 2012 8:45 AM Flag

    Shorts need to cover before 2PM 3 April

    A brief respite in the roaring stock market, however thinly traded, until 2PM when the FOMC shows it's traditional most for loose policy, a few holdouts for tightening, and the best car sale news in the last three years.

    Cars = aluminum content = AA =$13. Another Bloomberg article lists the US as the engine of growth, with China cooling, and Europe on the brink as PIIGS oink their way barely into temporary solvency.

    It's rare anybody gets to talk about AA between the political drivel and spam, but it is time to take back the board.

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    • I agree but not so much for the reasons you gave.

    • Wow! 2 Guys, One Cup.

      Or is it one guy two cups? I digress.

      Yup the FOMC minutes which didn't have a single factoid different, or expected to be different from the actual statements about the past meeting, depressed folks as if they'd never heard this story before.

      Completely obliterated the incredible sales from Ford Toyota and Chrysler up scads selling ALUMINUM fraught cars.

      Which is why I sell covered calls against my position. I am protected on the downside.

      You, you're in dangerous waters. Don't you two forget to wear a rubber, unless you only shake hands with your lover.

      The week is young.

    • WAAAAAAAAAAY yo GOOOOOOOOOO, deadmeat, you called that baby on the nose.

    • The political "nuts" here most likely line up first for free hand outs from our govt, then bash it the next day. They post here and dream of wealth while the stock market is open, then hurry and get ready for their real jobs of standing by the freeway exits with signs out looking for more handouts. They are called "takers" and they are the most vocal and visible lowlife forms within our society. It's one thing to be "in need" as some really are in our society. It's another thing when they simply "need" to go out and get a job and work! CTR

    • Right you are deadmeat. let's take back the board, since the IGNORE FEATURE is beyond your comprehension.

      I particularly recommend the "most for loose policy". It's a winner -- or is that 'weiner'?

      I seem to remember using M4L to engineer a bipolar straddle with June 13 calls and March 14 puts giving me a extar .000005 per share profit on my Jan 13 straddle.

      I am biden my time or is it Biden?

      All those cars whirling around in my head and speeding down the highways make me absolutely dizzy with joy.

      ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, there goes another bunch of aluminum to pump the AA poochie.

      I anxiously await the Fed minutes where they announce the car sale numbers.

      You honestly think Europe is "oinking their way into 'temporary solvency'?"

      You maybe can explain what you mean by 'solvency'?

      I've always used this (rather old-fashioned) definition of solvency:

      Solvency, in finance or business, is the degree to which the current assets of an individual or entity exceed the current liabilities of that individual or entity.

      This stock talk is greaaaaaaaaaat

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      • Heysussmarimaba! An on topic post--good work!

        Chrysler just published their sales figures, up THIRTY FOUR PERCENT. The market hasn't caught up to that five minute old pronouncement, they're waiting allegedly for the 2PM FOMC "notes" which will mouth the same drivel, and minor discontent with low interest rates out till end of '14 (more like end of '17).

        Have another aluminum can of soda.

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