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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Apr 22, 2012 7:07 AM Flag

    Jerks Looking for more QE!!!!

    Giving more money to banks hasn't been the answer, why lemmings want more printed money to flood the market baffles me.

    What a sorry mess, all the crapitallists need to have Mother Fed's teat in their mouths, instead of making money the old fashioned way.

    EARNING it.

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    • See you at 1230 and the seventh awchit the market rolls when money isn't raining out of the Fed again.

      Might get a blip from extending TWIST. Doesn't seem enough to the Sesame St crowd tho.

    • ...and it's AAPL versus the FOMC today. AAPL's blowout ten percent after hours climb has the NAS futures ahead TWO percent PM.

      About 1230 at the FOMC meeting announcement, no QE 3 will be noticed, which will take some of the stuffing out of the turkey.

      It's the binge before the cringe.

    • Handouts are over kids, until the market cringes along with real estate, and 8.2% unemployment doesn't move for six months.

    • The QE crowd pops PM futures, for a little while, while the FOMC disdains a QE 3 until another crash. What ever.

      Today's the day, with any upward MO, to sell some covered calls against your position, and buy some puts in anticipation of tomorrow's QE "disappointments".

      The crapitallists love their "independence" and "free market", as long as it comes with a heavy dose of government intervention and printing press dollars, now worth ten cents the 1971 valuation, heading for zero in the next 10-15 years.

    • <<<Which worked just great, until co's figured out, just keep firing to lean out the business,...>>>

      It seems that way, but every once and a while disruptive technologies are created that change the occupation picture forever. It probably is a continual process, but sometimes you have "bubbles" in innovation. We had an enormous amount of invention in the 1990s that was put to work over the last 10 years, and it basically allowed companies to need fewer workers, as well as completely eliminating some jobs forever. It's happen before and has to be worked through.

      I certainly agree with you that there has been a large impact on inflation because of currency. I have to feel that some of that will be a one time shot, not repeating in future decades. Free floating the currencies of Japan and Europe ... now China ... from unrealistic low values was difficult for us. Once done, it should be done ... for the most part. There are problems with the alternative too.

      I believe the Fed is aiming for a 2%, not 3%, inflation rate, and still address the employment situation. Japan, besides deciding not to "juice" their economy with additional QE(3), was also faced with a rising currency and rising competition in Asia.

      Anyway, back to the point about inflation. Growth will create bottlenecks. Bottlenecks produce inflation. Do you stiffle growth, or push through it accepting some inflation? And the standard of living even with inflation is rising. What products do you want made to 1971 specs? What inventions do you want to give up? So, does some inflation get offset by a rising standard of living?

      Meanwhile, I added a bunch this morning, and hope that the market will be satisfied with the gap being filled $9.65.

    • Deadmeat sez:
      "Another brown color you can't handle"
      Ahhhhhh - at the end of Libs prattle the argument of last resort - - - the RACE CARD.

      Really???? come back when you've got something of substance - - - in the meantime I believe you'd find Mr. Sharpton on MSNBC or that Kathleen Parker has a new column!!!

    • King of OT calls kettle black. You're full of "chit". Another brown color you can't handle.

    • nobody gives a chit WHAT you "think".

    • Finally cracked? Good to see!

    • To (re)quote myself, >Narcissus doesn't love himself because he is young and beautiful, for youth and beaty fade. Narcissus loves himself because he is Narcissus."

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