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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Apr 23, 2012 9:08 AM Flag

    Futures Take a Beating as World Economy Contracts

    Lots of individual US stocks say no, with good earnings reported, but the news is all gloom and doom and a hurricane sinks all boats. I expect a one percent pullback in US major indexes, deserved or not, with Japan following tonight in me too fashion, as it does 242 of every 250 trading days. AA is taking another undeserved 1.5% hit, but it is what it is. My covered call options absorb 80% of the pullback--with the end of April calls this past weekend, today it will be closer to penny for penny.

    The PM market is discounted another 2.5% today, because they perceive the FOMC is not going to let fly with more QE, no matter how silly that is, since QE was great for ending the Depression of 2008, but worthless to stop the continuing Great Recession of 2008-2018.

    They are probably right, in the sense, that the QE efforts are baked in weeks in advance, and Bernookie claims he doesn't watch the stock market, while watching it like a hawk. That means the dictatorship of the Fed hasn't had much chance to provide alternate plan B's to the committee, and get their nerves soothed before undertaking anything preemptive, however futile.

    The masses believe pumping up banks without getting that money to joesixpac is a valid tool, self fulfilling prophesy precipitates the selloff. It's heads I lose, tails you lose. Only individual reporting co's in the US will make any difference, and that is too diffuse for the Sesame Street crowd, who expect everything to include this Recession, to be "over" in 90 day sound bite filled increments.


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