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  • payforplay17 payforplay17 May 15, 2012 7:19 AM Flag

    Banks need more regulation...

    As we said on 9/11.....NEVER AGAIN!!!!

    Jamey dimon proved once again how stupid these bank CEOs really are. You give them enough rope, they will hang themselves and everyone else.

    There is not enough regulation on these banks. We need to turn them into government utilities,,,,,,,forcing them to play by strict rules, so they dont destroy America again like 1929 and 2008.

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    • The Volker Rule should be approved.

      Chase Bank would be split into two parts: (1) a vanilla commercial bank that makes collaterized loans and handles checking and savings accounts, and (2) an investment bank that takes risks using its own money, and borrowed funds, instead of risking the savings of its customers (unless the customers agree to it).

      The term "investment bank" is a misnomer ... it should be called a "casino bank" because it does not generally make investments (buy stocks, bonds, and related securities). Instead it makes highly margined risky bets. There is no reason to come to the rescue of this kind of bank.

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