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  • techrules2oo2 techrules2oo2 Aug 15, 2012 7:36 PM Flag

    Who are the "millions" in PA that don't have an ID?

    The premise:

    It especially hurts minority, low-income and senior voters who are more likely to lack an acceptable ID.

    The actual facts:

    If you earn an income, you obviously get compensated for work you do for someone. Most people who make an income get paid in either of two ways: by direct deposit into a bank account, or by paper check. If you get a direct deposit, that means you have a bank account. If you have a bank account, that means you walked in to a bank one day and asked to open a bank account. To be able to do that you had to produce a valid photo ID. To maintain your account, to be able to get new checks, make cash withdrawals or renew your ATM card – you need to possess a valid photo ID.

    If you get paid by paper check, and do not have a bank account, you will need to somehow cash that check. You can do it at your employer’s bank, but they won’t let you cash it unless you have a valid photo ID. If you don’t take it to the bank you might try one of the checks-into-cash outfits, but they are even stricter in requiring a photo ID.

    If you don’t have an income, you must make a living some other way. Provided you are not a full-blown criminal, you are on welfare. You get the full assortment of tax-paid, government-provided acronyms: TANF, SNAP, WIC… You get Medicaid, subsidized rent etc. In order to get the cash benefits you need to have – again – a bank account or a place to cash a check. To get in to income-restricted public housing and on to Medicaid you need to prove eligibility by showing a valid ID.

    For anyone who would fall thru the cracks, there is an offer to drive them to get an ID, pay for it, and drive them back home! Sure sounds like a conspiracy to me. LMFAO

    So exactly who are these "Millions" of Democratic voters that live in caves in PA and herd sheep for a living that are being discriminated against?

    Oppppsssie - my bad - you can't buy/sell sheep in PA without a license that requires a valid ID. - - - - - and even the sheep has to have a Federal ID tag!!!



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    All sheep and goats imported into the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must have a Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture-approved individual identification. Sheep and goats shipped through the state to another destination and temporarily unloaded from the vehicle or conveyance must have individual identification. All sheep and goats born within the state and transported live from their premises of birth must have individual identification. Complete information is available by contacting the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture or:

    Dr. Paul Knepley., SV
    Ph: 717-772-2852

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