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  • teaandtea teaandtea Sep 25, 2012 9:39 PM Flag

    QE 3 is game over

    I am waiting for QE 4

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    • Wish you would explain what you mean by "game over"! What game are you talking about? It sounds like you think something awlful is going to happen ... but what?

      I'm asking because many people said the same thing after QE1, and after QE2.

      Also, another poster referred to QE3 as using "our money". What the heck is that all about? The Fed hasn't taken anything from my account. A Fed account doesn't equate to the national debt.

      My understanding is that QE refers to the Fed creating money by making loans (or purchases) to banks. The Fed buys bank assets (or liabilities depending on how you view it) such as bonds or mortgages. The banks use the money as reserves to make more loans. The Fed money props up their balance sheet (reserve account). The Fed earns money from the assets they buy (assuming the assets are not in default), and the banks make money by making more loans since their reserves are higher and they have fewer loans outstanding. The reason the Fed does this is the banks are not creating money (making loans) at historical levels. QE activity offsets the lower level of bank lending to some extent. This "offset" is why there has been so little inflation ... because banks have not been creating money at normal levels. The Fed counteracts this by creating money at higher than normal levels).

    • the global markets are sinking, no more power, bad data and european concerns are keep coming and repeat again and again and again and again and again lease for 5 years!
      let's short short short, i'll be a millionaire!

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