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  • notarethug notarethug Jan 25, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    Who made the stronger case on Benghazi?

    Hillary Clinton or the GOP? LA Times readers say Clinton 90%, GOP 10%.

    Headline: "Hillary Clinton exits Benghazi probe looking stronger than ever"

    Also see the cartoon - Rethugs need to improve their aim (with rotten eggs and tomatoes) before 2016.

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    • The congressional grilling of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the deadly attack in Benghazi, Libya, proved definitively that congressional Republicans “suck at their jobs,” Stephen Colbert said Thursday.

      “Guys, you know I love you. But it was embarrassing,” Colbert said. Clinton smacked around the Republican members of the House and Senate committees, “then walked out with their nuts in her attaché case,” he said.

      Ultimately, the grilling left unanswered one important question, Colbert added: “Is there anything we can use to stop Hillary in 2016?”

    • Reality is an Ambassador got killed on her watch because she ignored the request for more security. So as the Clintons & liberals always do they blame the accuser. Who cares she now says?? What a joke. If she were a Republican white male liberals would be demanding answers and charges of a cover up wold be front page news if the POTUS was Bush. A film caused the mess??? It was a lie spread by the Obama administration. They did nothing to help even though they could see in real time the dire situation. Total incompetence by this administration. What else is new??

      Now liberals and their lap dogs in the main stream press will spin incompetence into Hillary being a "strong" women???LMAO She was in over her head, has no idea of foreign affairs and would be a disaster at any other high level government position. She is nothing more than an affirmative action creation by the press. She should go off into retirement.

      Can anybody imagine why she stopped trading cattle futures when Bill was governor of Arkansas?? I mean she made 100K in her first year and never ever traded them again. That's the question i would have asked! Why stop?? Or was that a bribe from Tyson Foods?????

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