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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Apr 12, 2012 9:07 AM Flag

    Do not look a gift horse in the mouth!

    OK, I have been here a while, looks like news today of dilution, has alreay taken its toll on the easily spooked. The thing today is to not get spooked and sell. If you were here and liked it around .40, things are not changing much with todays announcement, other than the fact that dumb money will be selling while smart money is buying. It is how the market works. Dumb investors hear the word dilution, panic, and sell. Read their pr, appears to me, they will pay some debt, advance their product, and other useful things with the money. Folks, if you know anything about small businesses, I do because I own one, a fact of life is raising money to frow the business. I have had experience with 2 stocks recently that diluted. Both times, little guys got spooked and sold for big loss, big, savvy money gladly took their shares. Both of these stocks are bios and both are far above the dilution pprice today. You can check them out, they are ARRY and GALE. Look at the charts, arry took place a few months ago, it is a classic case. Gale just took place last thur, and even after red market days mon and tue, it is still up over 10 percent from last thursday. Be smart, do not get spooked and sell, like some already did premarket. I will be acccepting half price shares today, some of you should read this, then hopely do the same. just my opinion, glta

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    • Well, if it were any other company, you might be right. However ROSG has had multiple secondaries and each time at a much lower price. I think the last one was at about 50 cents.

      You have to look at what the secondary money is going to be used for. If it were to roll out a new product, that's great. In this case, it is for general purposes, i.e. keep the doors open and pay salaries.

      One thing I will agree with.. no sense selling now. With a 50% + decline in share price, we're closer to the ultimate bottom.

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