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  • flrebroker1 flrebroker1 May 20, 2012 2:12 AM Flag

    So they now have 1.8 MM shares OS and $3 million cash

    The question is not adding institutional investores as they won't look at such a tiny microcap in most cases. The question for us longs is when to start cashing out? To me the best way to figure it is to look at market cap. If you conservativly figure 20,000 tests at a Medicare reimbursement rate of $2k that is $40M in sales. So a conservative 1x sales equates to a $20 stock. Would anyone be considered greedy to hold for that kind of market cap??

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    • good analysis and conservative too

      2k reimbursement rate when the company mentioned in the article has a reimbursement rate of $3500

      that's the next bomb to drop; the pr said they would get the reimbursement rate soon from medicare

      only problem is how do they get to 20k sales?

      the negative i saw in the article is rosg only has a sales force of 4!

      they're going to have to sell their butts off to get to 20k sales or imcrease their sales force

      also, what are the margins?
      let's say the reimbursement rate is 2k

      what does it cost to make the kit?

      1k, couple of hundred bucks?

      dndn for example sells provenge for 96k but it costs them over 80k to make because it's so labor entensive

      how do you get to 20k sales and of that 20k, how much is profit?

      one other thing; the secondary is priced on the 22nd; depending on how the secondary is structured, we might/should see sec filings showing who the new buyers are if they own >5% of the company

      i'm really curious who the buyers are

      also, i don't expect those shrs to hit the market, i don't think they're going to buy in for 3.50 and flip'em for a quick double

      they're in for bigger gains

      this is going to be real interesting to watch

      gene ran from .86 to over 9 on their test kit and then crashed when they screwed up their secondary and their float was 14k or so

      agree with you in that double digits is the near term target and then everyone has to decide what to do


    • I don't see 20 as a selling point. I see ROSG as a long term hold as long as they are making progress on the sales. I'm having to hold to next year anyway due to the amount of the gains.

      Teaming up with a decent sales force will be likely or a buyout at current low valuations.

      One should take great notice in the trading volume. We are trading the float or more every session. This points to a stock going much higher from here.


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      • At $20 I will only sell a third of my position. Then I'm comfortably able to hold the rest. I've been badly burned in the past for not doing so.

        I agree this is the best story stock I've seen in probably 15 years. Talk about timing. Announcement of the huge news the day after a 1-15 rs split was just the best thing the company could have done. Remember yahoo finance now says earnings Friday. Has anyone been able to confirm? Remember Medicare pr said reimbursement levels to be announced"in the coming weeks" What could share price be at then?? 15-20 could be a reality.

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