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  • drezonfiya drezonfiya Nov 15, 2012 8:54 AM Flag

    What's in ROSG's pipe?

    Actually ferg, ROSG got there first check from Medicare in July and started US commercial launch( lung) in October. When rosg does report sales, I am calling for profit growth compared to last quarter, maybe not by much, but sales this quarter( april 2013)will be better than last quarter(October 2012), i guarantee it! They only have 6 test launched to date, wait til they start utilizing the other patents and launching new test I areas of unmet need.
    Bottom line: the late 2012 sales efforts will be appreciated in first half of 2013... Maybe before EOY. But yes ferg: I want to see sales also.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Medicare payment means "nothing". So what! It could have been for $10K. The company IP doesn't mean anything either. Companies fail with patents and other IP. Sales is the only thing that this company has left to push and sustain a descent pps. So we wait until their earnings come. That could even be sad. But between now and then is a good time to get out if you can't hold a position.

      This is probably a good time to buy. Doesn't seem it is going lower (today). Good time to average lower.

      We have 1.5 years of burn capital in the bank (hopefully). So that provides lots of time for the pps to pop. And I imagine that when it does it will rocket for a few days and then fall back on its culo.

      We'll see!

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Drezonfiya, the first Medicare payment in July and reimbursement rate was the only real good news ROSG put out during the Business Update CC in October. Now that PTI is aggressively selling MET^2, I'm confident ROSG will get meaningful sales numbers in the near term. I thinking we should get an initial MET^2 sales PR in January.

      Have you checked out the PTI website section for MET^2? They did an excellent job!

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