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  • philbojohnson philbojohnson Nov 23, 2012 11:12 AM Flag

    don't trust a whoore, never trust a whooore

    don't trust them.

    every pop is met by even MORE shorting by their very own hedge fund Aegis.

    never trust them. if you were lucky enough to be in this morning, get out now with a nice profit.

    don't get greedy. and by all means, don't trust the money-grubbing-whoooore Aegis.

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    • So, Phil, your thesis is that Aegis is only going to play this from a $1 range? They bought originally at $5 ... the real $$ will be made when they finally let it run!

      • 1 Reply to minnesotafarmcountry
      • ummmm, $1 is 20%. look at the price history. it ALWAYS goes up to the $5 range, then always finds its way down. if you make 20% 5 times, it's the same as making 100% once. Correct?

        And no, i never said "always". but Aegis knows what the sales numbers are now. Aegis knows when the real PR news is coming out. Better believe they will let this run to $20. But in due time, my minnesota friend. In the mean time, why not keep making 20%? After all, 20% is a good YEAR. Aegis makes it over and over again in a matter of weeks.

        And they will make a good 400% return, when Kenny tips them off on sales numbers. But that won't be for 6 months or more. Do you really think a hedge fund will sit on dead money for 6 months, when a 20% opportunity is there? i answered you, now you answer my question.

    • Aegis just made ANOTHER 15% today, not that they need it.

      they reshorted at $4.95 and will ride this back to $4.00, when it will pop up again.

      people keep falling for the "Aegis head Fake", a patented move made famous by these money grubbing whoorres at Aegis.

      maybe that's the "patent" news. The "patented" "Aegis Head Fake and Reshort" move they love so much.

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